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How to Install and Download iSmartViewPro for PC

If you thought iSmartViewPro was only available for Android and Apple devices, guess again. Here’s how to get it on your PC.



iSmartViewPro for PC

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If you’ve ever heard of iSmartViewPro and you own any security cameras then you’ve probably wanted to get it for yourself. This app is essentially both a compiling of great security features as well as an enhancement to your preexisting security cameras.

iSmartViewPro gives you total control of your cameras from miles away. The only caveat is that this great app is normally only available on smartphone devices. Luckily for you, we’re going to show you how you can get iSmartViewPro for PC now.

What You Should Know About the iSmartViewPro App

The iSmartViewPro app’s main purpose is to add a whole ton of functionality to how you interact with and take control of your security cameras. For many people the ability to monitor your footage in real time from long distances by just pulling up your cell phone is an obvious benefit but the usefulness doesn’t stop there.

Many great and handy features come with it. iSmartViewPro gives you the ability to take snapshots of anything. This is a fantastic feature in the off chance that you happen to witness any suspicious activity. Whether you are trying to protect your home, store, restaurant or any other business, having photo evidence of criminal activity gives you a huge advantage.

Not only can you take photos but you can also record video footage as well. DVR in real time is one of iSmartViewPro’s top features.

Combining both the snapshot feature or the live DVR function with the zoom feature leads to a whole new level of manual and total control of your security footage. Being able to see and save detailed footage of suspicious activity is one of the best ways to protect your property and your privacy. The app even supports filters so that you can change the view of the image depending on the angle or the time of day.

It’s true that this app seems like a miracle to any who wishes to enhance their security but iSmartViewPro is still only officially available from places like the Google Play Store. In other words it has only been released on portable devices. Luckily, there is a simple way to bypass this and get this app working on Windows devices.

How You Can Get iSmartViewPro on PC Right Now

As long as you have a desktop or laptop computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and an internet connection, you can get iSmartViewPro on PC. The only remaining thing left for you to get is an Android emulator.

Android emulators are computer software that simulates the operating software of an Android device. These emulators allow you to use apps that can normally only work on Android machines. There are many of them readily available online right now and many of the best ones are completely free.

We recommend the Bluestacks emulator due to its great interface, easy installation process and because it is free. You can find it from their official website right here.

Download BlueStacks4

Once Bluestacks has finished downloading and installing you can open it. You’ll see a search bar which is no different than how the Google Play Store or Apple App Store works. Type in ismartviewpro app or ismartviewpro and find the app from the results page. Click on it and it will finish downloading in a minute or two depending on your PC and internet connection.

iSmartViewPro for PC - Step 1
iSmartViewPro for PC - Step 2

iSmartViewPro for PC - Step 4

Now you finally have iSmartViewPro for PC. You can use it at any time as long as your Android emulator is activated. Enjoy your new world of improved privacy and security control.