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Kill La Kill Season 2: The Long Wait Continues

Kill La Kill Season 2 Are We About To See A Second Series After 7 Long Years?




Kill La Kill Season 2

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Yes, we are still waiting for Kill La Kill Season 2 to be released.

How often is it that you hear about the fans of a hit TV anime show actually launching a petition to try to force the studio that made it to give them what they want.

Well, that is exactly what a few Kill La Kill fans did 4 years ago. They launched an English language petition in order to try to force the studio to make series 2 of Kill La Kill.

Did it work? Of course it didn’t.

It is the Japanese anime industry we are dealing with here. They are harder than Ionsdaleite (one of the only substances that is harder than diamond).

So, now that it is 2020, let’s recap at the story so far and see what we can find out about a release date for Kill La Kill season 2.

Kill La Kill: Original Anime Series?

Kill la Kill is known as Kiru ra Kiru in Japan.

It is a manga and anime series that was written by Kazuki Nakashima. The anime was produced by Trigger studios and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi.

What immediately sets the anime series apart is the fact that it was released the same day as its manga series on October 4, 2013. It is, therefore, a totally original anime, whereas 99% of anime shows are adapted from an existing manga series.

The manga was also written by Kazuki Nakashima. It was illustrated by Ryō Akizuki.

Despite being released at the same time, both the anime and the show became highly successful, both in their native Japan and in all the major anime markets like the United States and France.

The success seemed to at least register with Trigger studios because they released two bonus episodes the following year.

The Story So Far

The plot of the series follows a Japanese schoolgirl called Ryuuko Mato. They attend a school called Hannouji Academy in Tokyo.

She is horrified after the death of her father, who is murdered by an unknown killer. Trying to overcome her grief, she decides to avenge her father and track down the killer.

She has only one clue about the murderer, half of a Scissor Blade, a new weapon that was left behind after the attack.

She begins her journey and finds herself at a school run by the feared student council and the sinister Satsuki Kiryuuin. Ryuuko also discovers that many of the people in the council have magical powers which gives them superhuman abilities.

As she continues her investigation, she discovers that the root of the superhuman powers lies with a material that the council members wear in their special ‘Goku Uniforms’. These uniforms are made of ‘Life Fibers’, which turns out to have magical qualities.

Ryuuko decides that she must battle Satsuki, who she believes has information that can help her track down her father’s killer. She uses the Scissor Blade in an attempt to beat Ryuuko but is defeated. She discovers that the power of the Goku Uniform is just too great.

After the defeat, Ryuuko meets a bit of clothing called Senketsu. It is magical because it is also made out of Life Fibers. As Senketsu treats Ryuuko’s wounds, it somehow manages to become fused with her. The result is that Ryuuko gains superhuman abilities too.

She recovers and vows to use her new powers and the Scissor Blade to revenge her loss to Satsuki Kiryuuin and the Elite Four. However, just when she is ready, a new and far more dangerous force arrives which threatens the entire world with total destruction.

Kill la Kill Season 1

Kill la Kill season one was released on October 4, 2013. The final episode was shown on March 28, 2014.

The first series comprised of a total of 24 episodes. Upon its release, the anime quickly established a legion of fans. Viewing figures for the entire first series were very impressive, something which, at the time, pointed favorably to there being a 2nd series.

The studio, clearly in response to the show’s popularity, released two Kill la Kill Specials that were aired on September 3, 2014. Not only did this please the fans immensely, but it also seemed to indicate that series two was on its way.

However, series 2 of Kill la Kill never materialized, and as the years rolled by, nothing happened!

So where is season two of Kill la Kill?

Well, as of early 2020, there has not been so much as a word out of the studio about any new series or movie.

Usually, Japanese anime studios like to do shock announcements between 6 months and a year before the actual release date of any follow-up anime series. This gives their fans the time to create an enormous buzz about the new series which guarantees big viewing figures.

Well, given that there has been no word from the studio, it is unlikely at best that we stand any chance of seeing Kill la Kill Season 2 this year.

Were they to announce it by, at the latest, the summer, then we might be lucky enough to see the much desired second series in late 2021.

While the long wait for Kill La Kill season 2, if it will ever happen, is indeed painful for the diehard fans, Mobile Youth will be diligently watching for any updates, announcements or details pertaining to a continuation of this anime. Watch this space as the second we hear anything, we will let you know.

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