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Kodi Setup: Comprehensive guide for download and installation

Check out this step by step guide to get Kodi running on your computer or phone.



KODI Setup

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You may have come across the name “Kodi” before. It’s a new piece of software that is completely free and open source that’s beginning to sweep the internet. Kodi allows you to access and stream a variety of media and entertainment. This includes television, movies, internet videos, and music. The software was developed by the XBMC foundation. It is totally compatible with modern day operating software, Windows and Mac included. As of recent updates it also functions perfectly well with Linux and Android devices.

Kodi comes with the benefit of mass codec support, and can be used to watch and listen to a huge variety of video and audio files. Unlike many other multimedia software that has restrictions on codec compatibility, Kodi ignores such limitations and gives you freedom in choosing whatever file types suit you best.

Kodi’s main appeal is the ability to have plugins and add-ons installed into the main program. Kodi is like a multimedia hub center that has the ability to have music services, streaming services and the like installed onto it. It serves as a main program with external applications acting as “sub-systems” if you want to think of it that way.

While it sounds like a dream for some, many feel intimidated about diving into the world of streaming services. It isn’t as easy as simply logging onto Netflix or Hulu, which already come with all the prep-work done for you. In light of this, we have made this helpful complete Kodi setup wizard guide that will ease your way into this new world of entertainment access. Any problems or questions you have about using Kodi will be available for you here.

The complete Kodi setup wizard is designed to be able to have you easily install Kodi with ideal preferences in a matter of minutes. This application is compatible with a variety of computer OS versions, including Windows 7, 8 and 10. It also works with MacOS perfectly easily. Even with a smartphone or a tablet, the complete Kodi setup wizard will work fine. Android and Apple tablets such as iPads will be perfectly compatible.

The download size is quite small and will not be a burden on any hard drive or storage device. Also, be sure that if using Android that you are using version 4.0 or newer, as Kodi is more compatible with more recent versions of Android. This is because Kodi has only been recently available on Android systems, and as such it is not designed for older OS versions.

While Kodi itself is free to use on Windows and Mac, the complete Kodi setup wizard is a particular download package. Installation onto these devices will require a couple more steps. The best method will be to acquire an app such as the Bluestacks emulator. This is an Android emulator for your desktop or laptop computer that simulates the Android software and makes apps designed for smartphones compatible.

Set Up for Android

Downloading the complete setup wizard for Android is a simpler process, and we’ll cover that option first. All you really need to do is head on over to the Google App store. Type in “complete Kodi setup wizard” and you will see the link. Download it, then open up the app and follow the instructions. The process is quite simple and is designed with newcomers in mind especially.

For Windows

Downloading the complete Kodi setup wizard for Windows is a little more complicated but not by much. The first step will be to download the Bluestacks emulator. There are other Android emulators available for download off of the internet but Bluestacks is the most reliable and simplest one. Once Bluestacks has downloaded, open up the file by double clicking on it. You will have to set up an account by adding your email address. This is a simple and totally free to use process so don’t worry about incurring any fees.

Once installation is complete and after agreeing to the terms and conditions, open up the program. Find the search bar and simply type in “complete kodi setup wizard.” Install it, which will be a simple and easy process. And that’s it.

Bluestacks acts as an interface that allows Windows to use the complete Kodi setup wizard. If you ever need access to the Kodi system, you will have to open up Bluestacks each time. This is necessary because emulators like Bluestacks act as “dummy systems.” It’s basically a fake version of another kind of device. Bluestacks is essentially a downloaded Android OS directly onto your PC. And because the complete Kodi setup wizard is an Android app, an Android emulator like Bluestacks is necessary for any kind of interaction.

That’s it, now you’re ready to use Kodi on your computer. Kodi is a very versatile platform that can have several different movie and music and television apps integrated all at once. With the complete Kodi setup wizard you can easily manage all of these apps once they are downloaded and installed.