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LeetCode: Technical Interview Preparation Site Overview

If you’re preparing for interviews that involve coding or other technical skills, LeetCode is a good site. But is the premium version worth it? Find out here.




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Preparing for interviews for coding and tech companies can be even more of an ordeal than regular job interviews. Coding questions are bound to come up and are guaranteed to be technical. Potential employers want you to be as sharp and knowledgeable as possible, and luckily there’s a great website that will help you sharpen your skills. If you need help or guidance then you should heavily consider checking out LeetCode.

What is LeetCode?

LeetCode is one of the biggest platforms on the web dedicated to helping users practice for job interviews. Their entire website specializes in providing the necessary tools to help people increase their chances of securing jobs. Generally, the fields are coding or tech related which means that people simply looking for more basic tips like how to write a resume or how to respond to common interview questions won’t find LeetCode very helpful. LeetCode is crafted for a very specific user base.

Hiring tech firms are known to ask very in-depth questions concerning a variety of coding languages and software. Even people who have been studying computer science for years can encounter trouble with giving the right answers. If you felt that your schooling didn’t prepare you well enough for how to deal with actual employers in the field then LeetCode is an excellent resource to help fill that gap.

How Exactly Does LeetCode Help Me Prepare?

LeetCode allows you to test out common problems posed during interviews. Their site uses over a dozen programming languages in their kits and playground, including Java, Python and C++. There are no tricks or gimmicks to watch out for when you sign up with their site. Everything LeetCode presents is straightforward, and is an accurate representation of what truly goes down during technical programming interview tests.

Their models allow users to get all the practice that they need so that they can increase their odds of making more of an impression during interviews. The forums are a very active place with thousands of people discussing how to optimize their skills. If anyone ever needs help with anything, the answer is only a simple question or two away.

LeetCode is a great resource with a massive amount of info and tools to use, but the key for any coder or programmer is to use these tools wisely. LeetCode is meant to get you familiarized with the interview process. The creators of this site intend for their users to learn how to think like a programmer worth hiring. It isn’t meant for mindlessly memorizing facts as if cramming for a school test. It’s meant for the people who are genuinely determined to adapt to the environment of professional tech fields.

LeetCode will be very helpful, if you know how to use it. If you can detect patterns in interview questions instead of hoping for one you’ve already practiced, you’ll be well prepared. If you can effectively communicate both simple and complicated concepts or problems in your own words then interviewers will be impressed. If you can write readable and usable code quickly and efficiently then you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Using LeetCode is actually quite intuitive. They have several categories that neatly organize the kinds of questions, tools and practice tests to let you easily discover which areas specifically cater to your immediate needs. This goes from anything to machine learning 101 and binary search trees to tailored guides on how to prepare for specific companies. Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Amazon are just a few of the companies that have their own dedicated pages. This is a clear-cut way to narrow in on your specific field, organization or developer.

It should be noted that LeetCode has two different account types: one is free and the other is a premium service acquired through monthly or yearly subscription plans. Unsurprisingly, their best features, including the tailored pages for Facebook or Amazon, are only accessible in the premium option.

Is the Premium Subscription Worth it?

Anyone interested in trying out LeetCode for the first time should definitely use the free service first. You can use it for a couple of weeks and see how well it helps your interview game. After that you may find yourself asking if upgrading to the premium service is worth it. It is, but only if you really plan on taking advantage of everything.

We said earlier that LeetCode works best for those who know how to use it. That is even more true for the paid service. LeetCode Premium comes in two payment options: $35 a month, or $159 a year ($19 per month). We think one month should satisfy most people but that’s if you plan on using it every day.

LeetCode Premium

The Premium Service comes with several features, first of which is a priority in wait times. You’ll be put at the top of the list when it comes to receiving help or service from a website admin or support specialist.

One of the best features exclusive to premium accounts is access to the advanced articles. These are more in-depth explanations to the more complex interview questions and they all come with very nicely animated visuals.

And as we mentioned previously, the mock interview questions and other tips specific to companies like Facebook or Microsoft are only available to Premium users. Arguably one of LeetCode’s finest features, this is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get hired by any of these top companies. You definitely want to go Premium if that’s your endgame.

If any of these features seem appealing to you then our recommendation would be to try out premium service for a month and use it every day to get your money’s worth. If the free access to questions and tests is good enough practice for you then you should stick to the regular option.

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Whether you plan on paying or not, you should absolutely give LeetCode a test drive to see just how much of the coding interview world you really understand. It could end up teaching you something you thought you already knew.
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