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Is Your LG TV Refusing to Power Up? Discover the Surprising Fix!

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LG TV Not Turning On

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Do you have an LG TV that won’t turn on? This is a frequent issue among many customers who own the product. Usually, this problem can be caused by power cord and outlet issues, faulty power switches, blocked sensors, remote control malfunction, or the need to reset your TV.

In this blog post, we will discuss some common reasons why your LG TV won’t turn on, as well as provide troubleshooting steps and advanced solutions you can try before seeking professional help.

Get ready to find out how to get your LG television working again!

  • Common issues that prevent an LG TV from powering up or staying powered on include faulty wiring, blocked sensors, and remote control malfunctions.
  • Power cord and outlet connections should be checked for signs of damage before any troubleshooting occurs.
  • Unblocking the sensors located near the bottom – right of most LG TVs is crucial to ensuring normal operations resume again.
  • Resetting both remotes and unplugging the TV can help diagnose intermittent problems with it not turning on.

Common Reasons for LG TV Not Turning On

The most common reasons why an LG TV won’t turn on include power cord and outlet issues, a faulty power switch, blocked sensors, or a malfunctioning remote control.

Power cord and outlet issues

One of the most common causes of LG TV not turning on is an issue with either the power cable or outlet. If a power cord breaks or becomes damaged, it can lead to problems with powering up the television set.

Similarly, if there’s an issue with how electricity is delivered through the outlet itself, this could prevent your TV from turning on. To troubleshoot these issues, you’ll want to start by checking both your power cord and outlets for signs of damage or malfunctioning connections.

If no issues are detected, then press the TV’s power switch; this will help determine whether there are other factors at play, such as a remote control malfunction or blocked sensors preventing it from being powered on.

Alternatively, you may need to unplug your device for 30 seconds before connecting it back in order for its internal system to reset – ultimately restoring its full functionality when turned back on again.

Faulty power switch

A faulty power switch can be a common cause for an LG TV not turning on. The power switch is located either at the side of the TV or in the back panel, depending on your model. If it’s no longer functioning correctly, even if lights are coming on briefly when switching it on or off, then this could mean that the power supply has been disrupted and may require replacement.

This issue can often happen due to wear and tear over time as well as from physical damage caused by outside pressure and force being applied to the area where the switch is located. To diagnose whether this is indeed causing your problem, simply try replacing the old switch with a new one and see if that fixes things.

It’s important to take extreme caution and care when handling delicate parts like this – consider seeking professional help if you’re unsure about replacing it yourself so you can avoid making any potential mistakes.

Blocked sensors

Blocking the sensors on an LG TV can be a major issue when it comes to trying to get the television to turn on. The power switch of such TVs is often located at the back, so when something blocks the sensors on them, they don’t respond as expected and won’t turn on.

This could be because objects are blocking them or simply due to temperature changes. It’s therefore important that any obstructions near the sensors, which are usually located in one corner (often bottom right) of LG TVs, are kept clear for proper functioning.

Similarly, if your remote control isn’t working with your television, it may be because heat has caused its sensor array or antenna to break down completely and needs replacing. Practically speaking, however, ensuring that there’s plenty of space around where you use your TV should help mitigate this issue and keep little interruptions from stopping you from watching what you want with your LG TV!

Remote control malfunction

One of the common issues with LG TV not turning on is a malfunctioning remote control. If replaced batteries don’t power on the remote, it can be indicative of either blocked sensors or a faulty switch in the remote itself.

In some cases, it may only work for powering on/off the TV and no other functions—indicating another issue that needs to be addressed. Another potential issue is a malfunctioning sensor attached to the TV itself, which does not respond when you use your remote.

To try and fix this issue, press the power button directly from your TV, as sometimes bypassing through remotes can cause problems to occur with LG TVs if they were already malfunctioning working before attempting said action.

Lastly, resetting the LG Magic Remote can help troubleshoot any underlying issues preventing it from functioning correctly with all its features as well as enhance better responses when interacting with your LG TV’s interface menus overall.

TV needs to be reset

Resetting an LG TV is important when it fails to turn on and can be the answer to a wide variety of difficulties. While restarting may seem like a simple process, there are some precautions that should take in order to ensure that no harm comes to the TV.

To start, all television accessories, such as cables and attached devices, must be disconnected from the power outlet before resetting occurs. Following this step will prevent any potential damage due to electrical surges while unplugging the device.

Once everything has been removed, turning off the power switch located inside or outside of its casing—depending on its model—should occur immediately, followed by unplugging for one minute minimum.

Troubleshooting Steps for LG TV That Won’t Turn On

Check the power cord connections, press the power switch on the TV, unblock any sensors, reset the remote control battery levels, and unplug and plug back in after a few minutes to try to turn your LG TV on again.

Check power cord and outlet connections

is an important first step when troubleshooting an LG TV that won’t turn on. Poor or incorrect connections between the power cord and TV outlet can cause a range of issues, from no power to random shutdowns of the system.

This is why it’s essential to ensure both sides are securely connected and getting proper power. If either end of the connection shows signs of damage – such as fraying wires, loose plugs, or broken connectors – then this indicates a problem either with the cord or outlet itself.

It may also be necessary to test if other devices plugged into the same socket can be powered on before further investigation takes place. Once any potential hardware problems have been checked – and replaced where necessary – plugging in other appliances should further confirm if there is indeed an issue with the mains supply for that socket or not – vital data in successfully solving this issue for good!

Press the power switch on the TV

An LG TV’s Power switch is critical for turning on and off the television. This vital piece of hardware must be functioning correctly in order for a user to be able to use their television properly.

If the power switch isn’t working, then it can deter users from being able to view their favorite shows or movies. Common problems associated with an LG television’s power switch include faulty wiring, blocked sensors, remote control malfunctions, and other problems that prevent the device from powering up or staying powered on.

Luckily there are troubleshooting steps one can take when dealing with problematic power switches. These include checking connections between the outlet and cord, pressing firmly on the power button itself as sometimes discrepancies within occur inherently over time; unblocking any sensors present near your TV unit such as dust buildup around vents etc.; resetting and/or reprogramming your remotes; disconnecting all cables from TV while also unplugging it before waiting 1 minute after plugging back in and hitting 30-second long press at its respective right side glowing red standby/power LED button.

Unblock sensors on the TV

When dealing with an LG TV not turning on, unblocking the sensors is a crucial step to take in troubleshooting. Sensors exist on most LG television models and are typically found near the bottom-right of your TV.

These sensors receive signals from other electrical components, including remote controllers, helping to choose inputs or turn the device off/on when needed. If these become blocked for any reason, they can prevent your LGTV from powering up, resulting in it failing to start or having intermittent power problems.

The best way to check if there may be an obstruction is to look through a magnifying glass at these sensor locations – walls mounting ports and case designs sometimes also slightly distort incoming beams limiting television performance too.

Reset the remote control

In order to troubleshoot an LG TV that won’t turn on, one of the things that you may need to do is reset the remote control. To begin with, take off the back panel of the remote and remove its batteries.

After this, press and hold down the power button for 20 seconds in order to reset it. Once this is done, re-install all parts of the remote correctly and put fresh batteries into it in order to get it working again.

It may be necessary to press down each individual button on your remote a few times in order to ensure a complete reset before testing whether or not your TV will respond when pressing any buttons on the newly-reset television remote control.

Unplug the TV for a few minutes and plug it back in

When troubleshooting an LG TV that will not turn on, a common first recommended step is to unplug the TV from the wall outlet. Leaving it off for at least a minute allows any software glitches or faults to be cleared or reset.

After this time, plug it back into the power source and allow time for booting up again. This quick fix can solve many issues with both hardware and software of TVs as its circuitry is powered down and then rebooted when plugged in again so current flows properly throughout all connections.

It’s best also to check if power cords are connected correctly and also switched on at their respective sources, too, such as the wall socket, once plugged in securely after unplugging for an added measure of assurance.

Advanced Solutions for LG TV That Still Won’t Turn On

– Check for damaged wires or hardware failure

– Consider professional repair or warranty claim

Check for damaged wires or hardware failure

When troubleshooting an LG TV that won’t turn on, it is important to check for damaged wires or hardware failure. This could be due to a range of issues, including severe wear and tear, improper installation, overheating components, etc. Power supply disruption caused by broken wires can impair the functionality of your TV, thus leading to it switching off suddenly or not turning on at all.

Similarly, a defective hardware component such as the power supply board may cause disruptions in electricity flow which can also prevent the TV from powering up properly. If you suspect there are damaged wires or hardware failures in your LG TVs power source, make sure to get professional help to take appropriate measurements for further repair work before attempting any DIY repairs yourself.

Consider professional repair or warranty claim

When it comes to resolving critical issues with your LG TV that won’t turn on, considering professional repair or filing a warranty claim should always be an option. By taking the time to explore these options, you can ensure that you get an efficient resolution of any power issues and save yourself valuable money in the process.

Professional repair services provided by certified technicians from companies like LG are often able to safely diagnose and repair most underlying causes of a TV not turning on without compromising its performance for years to come.

Furthermore, if your device is still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty, then they will usually provide full coverage of costs during service visits – saving you even more in out-of-pocket expenses while also ensuring peace of mind when using their products.


The reasons why an LG TV won’t turn on can vary from simple to complex, so it’s important to understand the common causes of this issue and some effective troubleshooting steps. Start by checking the power cord and outlet connections, pressing the power switch on the TV, unblocking sensors, resetting the remote control and unplugging the TV for a few minutes.

If these solutions don’t work, you may need some advanced solutions, such as checking for damaged wires or considering professional repair or warranty claims in order to get your LG Television running again.