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Made In Abyss Season 2 Release Date

When will Made In Abyss Season two be released?




Made In Abyss Season 2

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The Made In Abyss season 2 trailer that was released in June tells all you fans of the series out there one thing: Made In Abyss season 2 is coming soon!

But when?

Made In Abyss episode 14 is not far away. To find out when you can expect to see the long-awaited second series of Made In Abyss, read on!

For a long time now, fans of Made In Abyss have been waiting for season 2 to be released. However, despite a flurry of rumors, the second season is still nowhere in sight.

So when will fans of Made In Abyss get to see season two?

Based on the Manga series of the same name, Made In Abyss became a smash hit when it was turned into an anime television series back in July 2017.

The 13 episode first series ended in September 2017, and despite amassing a huge fan base, there has been no second series.

Made In Abyss: The story so far

The story of Made In Abyss follows an orphan girl called Riko who lives in a town called Orth.

In the center of the town is a giant abyss that disappears deep into the earth. The abyss contains numerous treasures and artifacts from a long lost civilization.

Because of this, people from the village known as cave raiders periodically ascend into the abyss to try to see if they can recover these lost relics.

However, these trips are fraught with danger, particularly because of the famous ‘Curse of the Abyss’ that has led to many cave raiders never returning home.

The curse is said to get worse and worse the deeper that one goes. Because of this, very few cave raiders have ever managed to penetrate the abyss very far and return to tell the tale.

Cave Raiders who have managed this feat are given a white whistle. One of these, a woman called Lisa, is the mother of a little girl called Riko.

One day, Lisa disappears into the abyss while Riko meets a robot. Not long after, a balloon comes up from the abyss that informs Riko that her mother is waiting for her at the bottom of the abyss.

Riko and her new robot friend say farewell to the town and begin a journey into the unknown.

Series one follows Riko’s journey down into the abyss, where she meets numerous interesting and sometimes dangerous characters.

Made In Abyss: The Film Series

Following on from the recent trend in the world of manga adaptation, Sentai FilmWorks, the studio behind Made In Abyss, announced that it would be producing a film based on the series.

In late 2018, it was announced that there would be a two-part film released. It would be directed by Masayuki Kojimawho and written by Hideyuki Kuratawho, both of whom worked on the first anime series.

Part one was released earlier this year on January 4th, while part 2 was released two weeks later on January 18th. The response from fans was very positive and, at least for a short time, seemed to take the edge off their wait for series two.

Made In Abyss the sequel: Dawn of the Deep Soul

Recently announced was a sequel movie for Made In Abyss. It has been given a scheduled release date of January 2020 in Japanese theaters. Very little is known about the production including potential storylines and character developments.

The studio has already confirmed that the movie is in production as we speak and that it will be released via video on demand platforms such as Netflix. Made In Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul is stated to make its international release sometime later this year.

There is also great news for English language speakers. Sentai Filmworks confirmed that there will be an English dub available upon release.

For those of you who wish to watch the original series with an English dub, it is now available on video streaming platforms such as Amazon prime video and HIDIVE.

What Does This All Mean For Season 2?

The news of a movie sequel movie will certainly have please fans everywhere. Unfortunately, what it means for season two of the anime saga is not good news.

It is almost certain that we will not see season two of Made In Abyss for at least another two to three years, depending on the success of the movie. If the movie draws in bigger crowds than the previous film then it is likely that the creators will turn back to the series in order to continue the saga.

However, if the movie is less successful, this could prompt the studio to be very wary of producing yet another series. Manga anime is a very competitive industry and there are plenty of other great manga books waiting to be turned in into anime series’.

So unless there are any surprise announcements, don’t expect to see Made In Abyss season 2 until at least 2021.

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