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MobilePatrol – Free Download for Mac and Windows

Download MobilePatrol here if you want to stay up to date with safety information in your local area. 



MobilePatrol for Windows and Mac

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One of the more fascinating things about our modern society is how every facet is becoming digitalized, even law enforcement. They’ve hopped on the technological bandwagon along with the rest of us. MobilePatrol is a new public safety application that keeps you up to date on news and public service announcements made by your local law enforcement authorities. With over 5 million installations, this app has proven to be quite the popular choice.

What this app does is collaborate with police institutions as well as various other public safety organizations like local security and fire departments. The app is always at work to be able to bring you live and up to date reports on emergency incidents or any miscellaneous news that falls under their jurisdiction or authority.

Some examples of the kinds of alerts they issue include: searches or arrests of dangerous criminals or convicts, reports of robberies in your vicinity based off of a designated mile radius, kidnappers, sex offenders, and more. MobilePatrol will even give you details about offenders or suspects at large such as their name, height, age and sex and facial features.

This app used to portray the actual images of the criminals or suspects but no longer does so. It was available in the paid version but now only the free version remains. MobilePatrol is still very reliable and reputable and is always up to date, but like many of the best free apps, it comes with ads. It’s recommended to install an ad blocker for this as there is no longer any official way to remove them with the absence of a paid version.

MobilePatrol even lets you report suspicious activity or submit any tips on suspects at large the app has posted about. This creates a great positive feedback loop in which civilians and authorities can work together to make the community safe.

If you want to download this app onto your PC or Mac then you will need an Android Emulator. Here is the link for Bluestacks, arguably the best one available. If you follow the very easy installation instructions, then you can launch this program. Access the Google Play Store function from Bluestacks, then search for “mobilepatrol” and you can download and install it. Then you can use MobilePatrol as long as you have the Bluestacks application open in your computer.

MobilePatrol for PC