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Podcast Addict for PC – How to Download for Windows and Mac

If you love podcasts, you’ll be happy to know that one of the prominent podcast apps can now be used for PC. Here’s how to install.



Podcast Addict for PC

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What is Podcast Addict?

Quite simply, it is the ultimate app for people who love podcasts. It’s more than just a database. It’s an entire system that allows you to manage and organize a variety of content, like Youtube videos, audio books and more. It even comes with live streaming as well to complete the package. It’s an all in one app for someone who has been dying to have all of their favorite and soon to watch podcasts easily accessible in one place.

Podcast Addict is originally designed for Android smartphone devices. As a result it can only be officially downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, don’t despair if you use a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop. There is a simple way to get this great experience on your machine. We have simple installation instructions down below for you to follow.

Details on Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict has become a popular and successful app on the Google Play Store for good reason. In addition to being a massive repository, it also allows you to engage in management functions to keep your lists organized and readily accessible. You can organize anything from radio shows, live streams, Twitch streams, podcasts, Soundcloud and even any RSS news feeds.

To top things off, Podcast Addict is a totally free app. It’s ad supported like many other free apps but this is nothing to be concerned about since there is a paid version which has extra features. This paid version also gets rid of the displayed advertisements for good.

Details on the Features

The most basic functions of Podcast Addict are the search function and the organization tool. Being able to have literally thousands and thousands of podcasts all at the tip of your fingers is amazing. The app manages to achieve this in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or overly convoluted either. The app is very easy to use, from its user interface to its management tools.

Additionally, Podcast Addict also has some more advanced features that deal with customizing the sound. Built in audio effects allow you to adjust the setting to your liking with the equalization settings. This is particularly handy if you listen to a lot of spoken word. Equalization settings help a lot to increase the clarity of the speakers voice on the recording. You can even use functions that are normally found on iPods or other portable media players like loop mode, shuffle mode and even a sleep timer.

The makers of this app made sure to put in as many useful and helpful tools as possible to make this the ultimate podcast listening experience. It will even give you updates on new releases or recommendations based on your podcast habits, similar to the way that Youtube or Netflix does.

Installation Instructions for Windows and Mac

If you want this app for your Android smartphone device then it’s as simple as heading over to the Google Play Store and searching for it in the search bar. If you want it for a desktop or laptop then you will need to go through some extra steps. What you need is an Android emulator that will allow you to use Android software on a PC or Mac.

Step 1: Download Bluestacks android emulator from here. We recommend this emulator because it is easy to use and is very stable and reliable.

Step 2: Follow the installation instructions after launching the .exe file. They are simple to follow and work just like any other installation

Podcast Addict for PC - Step 1

Step 3: Once installation is complete launch the Bluestacks app by logging in with your Google ID

Step 4: Locate Google Play Store. Launch it, then type in podcast addict in the search bar menu and then install it

Podcast Addict for PC - Step 2

Podcast Addict for PC - Step 3

Podcast Addict for PC - Step 4

Step 5: Wait for the installation to complete, then head on over to the Bluestacks main page once again and locate Podcast Addict. Click on it and you’re set to go

Podcast Addict for PC - Step 5

That’s all you have to do. Even installing the emulator is a piece of cake. Enjoy your newfound heaven of podcast management.