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Where Is The Power Button On Vizio TV?

Looking for the power button on your Vizio TV? Our comprehensive guide reveals its exact location, helping you unleash the full potential of your television!



Where Is The Power Button On Vizio TV?

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Are you having trouble locating the power button on your Vizio TV? Did you know that the exact location of the power button may vary depending on the model of your television? This blog post will show you exactly where to find the power button on all models of Vizio TVs.

Our step-by-step guide and visuals give an easy way to identify which manual buttons control what functions, making it easier for anyone to locate and use their TV’s power button with ease! Get ready to discover how simple it is to find your Vizio TV’s hidden gems.

Let’s dive right in!

Main Points

  • The power button on newer Vizio TVs made after 2015 is usually located on the lower right side of the back, while older models have theirs behind or underneath HDMI ports along the rear of your unit.
  • You can control your TV without using a physical power button through options such as Universal Remote Control, Gaming Controllers, and Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google Home.
  • Using the Vizio Mobile App is an excellent way to take advantage of SmartCast’s smart platform for access to streaming services, utilizing voice commands via their Spatial Voice integrated function, as well as solve network issues related to casting if you power cycle it first prior troubleshooting any more technical problems.
  • Connecting your Vizio TV with Alexa/Google Home provides convenience in controlling all elements of your entertainment system with just one voice command.

Finding the Power Button on Your Vizio TV

To locate the power button on your Vizio TV, start by checking for a dedicated button located in either the lower right or lower left corner at the back of your model.

Power Button Location for Newer Vizio TVs (Made After 2015)

The power button on newer Vizio TVs made after 2015 is usually located on the lower right side of the back. It can also be behind or underneath HDMI ports, depending on the specific model. When looking for your power button, make sure you’re facing the TV and try to locate it in that lower right corner – this is where it will typically be found.

To get a better sense of precisely where it’s located, consult the product manual that came with your TV or take a peek at any documentation online for more detailed instructions. If all else fails, contact Vizio customer support, who should be able to assist you further with finding what you need.

Power Button Location for Older Vizio TVs (Made Before 2015)

Finding the power button on older Vizio TVs can be tricky, especially if you don’t own a remote. Generally speaking, it is best to look at the side or back of your television model to spot a manual power button.

Older models from 2015 and earlier are known for having their power buttons located on the lower left corner of the TV’s case near its side panel or slightly below that in some cases. It also may sometimes be found placed underneath connectors such as HDMI ports along the rear of your unit.

The placement of these buttons will vary depending on the model, so try being mindful when looking around for one and using any distinguishing characteristics associated with it as a guide to finding it sooner than later!

Alternative Ways to Control Your Vizio TV Without the Power Button

Alternatively, without the power button on your Vizio TV, you can control it using various options such as a universal remote, gaming controllers, and even voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

Using the Vizio Mobile App

The Vizio Mobile App is an excellent option for controlling your Vizio TV without the power button. With this app, you can take advantage of SmartCast’s smart platform that provides access to endless entertainment, from free streaming of TV shows and movies to premium channels like HBO. Plus, you can enable or disable the viewing data feature on your TV with just a few taps on your phone screen using the Vizio Mobile App.

Using a Universal Remote for Vizio TV

Using a universal remote is an excellent way to control your Vizio TV without needing the power button. With just a few steps, you’ll have a compatible universal remote ready for use with your Vizio TV. Here are the steps:

  1. Press and hold the “TV” button on your universal remote until all the mode buttons are lit up. This initiates the remote pairing process.
  2. Enter the code found in your manual for your specific TV model. If you don’t have this information, you can find the code online or contact Vizio support for assistance.
  3. When you enter in the correct code, it will be confirmed with 2 flashes from all of the mode buttons on the remote. Pressing any other button on the remote should turn off/on your TV now!
  4. If none of these codes work, most universal remotes also allow you to search for compatible devices manually until you find one that works; this requires several attempts by pressing different combinations of buttons on both devices until it connects successfully.
  5. Once it’s successfully paired, test out all functions of the universal remote to ensure everything works properly and can be used as intended! You have now successfully used a Universal Remote for your Vizio TV without having to locate or use its power button!

Using Gaming Controllers

Gaming controllers, such as the Xbox and PlayStation controllers, can be used to control your Vizio TV without the power button. By connecting a gaming controller to your smart TV, you can easily navigate menus, adjust volume levels and use other features of your TV with ease.

To connect a wireless gaming controller to the TV, simply open up the Xbox app on the device and select the controller icon from the home screen. For PS4 or PS5 controllers, press and hold both the Share button and PS button at once in order to initiate a Bluetooth connection between them.

After this is done successfully, basic functions like navigating around apps or adjusting volume are easy – just press each respective joystick for navigation purposes or [+/-] buttons on Controllers for controlling volume levels, respectively.

Additionally, some games also allow utilization of scopes compatibility for certain types of televisions (such as Retro Shooting), which may grant access to Samsung/Vizio TV’s deeper set configurations.

Moreover, one can take advantage of these devices’ various additional capabilities, such as: using the Remote Play feature in case if user wants his PC/PlayStation remote playback media content onto Television which requires connection assistance (either via WiFi or network cables).

Connecting Vizio TV to Alexa/Google Home

Connecting your Vizio TV to Alexa or Google Home is a great way to control it with voice commands, providing you the ability to access various features and settings without having to worry about finding the power button on your remote. Here’s how:

  • To connect your Vizio TV to Alexa, open the Amazon Alexa app and select Add Device > Audio/Video > Set up Audio System. Then follow the on-screen prompts that appear on your TV screen and complete the setup by enabling the appropriate skill for viziosmartcasttv in order for voice control functionality through Alexa.
  • If you have a Google Nest device like speakers or displays at home, simply link these devices together using Chromecast built-in so they can both interpret one another’s commands when connected via Wi-Fi. Once linked, you will be able to control your Vizio SmartCast TVs just by speaking into any of those Google ads .
  • In some newer models made after 2015, there is usually an extra button marked “Vizio” that users can press once and then hit their desired command (Play / Pause)
  • Some gaming consoles already feature controls for Vizo TVs, too, e.g. Playstation4 console controllers come preloaded with functions allowing direct adjustment over brightness levels, contrast , sound, etc, while connected straight away using its installable TwitchTV App


The power button on Vizio TVs can be frustratingly hard to find, especially for older models. Luckily, there are several alternative ways you can control your TV without having to use the power button.

The Vizio Mobile App and a universal remote for Vizio TV provide an easy way to adjust the settings from anywhere in the house, while gaming controllers turn your television into more of a multi-functional device that allows you to play games as well as access streaming services or other media content.

Last but not least, connecting it up with Alexa or Google Home gives you ultimate convenience when it comes to controlling all aspects of your entertainment system with just one voice command.

Remember that different Vizio TV models may have varying power button locations – always make sure you check its manual or search online for pictures of where the button is located before trying out any remote alternatives so that you don’t waste time looking in vain for an elusive physical power switch!


  1. Where is the power button located on a Vizio TV?
    On most models of Vizio TVs, the power button is located either on the back or side panel of the device near other input ports and connections. Additionally, some models may also have an auxiliary remote with a dedicated power switch that can be used to turn on or off your television without having to access it from behind.
  2. What type of sensors are used to detect when a user interacts with their TV remotely?
    Vizio utilizes infrared (IR) and/or radio frequency (RF) technology in order for compatible peripherals like remotes to communicate directly with its SmartCast systems when sending commands, allowing users to control their devices from long distances without needing line-of-sight connections between them both.
  3. How do I locate my product manual if needed?
    If you ever need access to detailed instructions regarding setup, programming, and operation of your Vizio device – product manuals can be found online by visiting These documents are organized by model series & version, so customers should take note of any applicable tag numbers they require before attempting retrieval using this resource
  4. Does my warranty cover malfunction due to water damage?
    Generally speaking, no – unless certain additional protections have been purchased specifically covering materials usually not included under traditional coverage plans, than any damages caused as result of natural disasters (i..e; flooding, fires, etc.) will typically void any manufacturer’s warranties offered up at time purchase.