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Re:Zero Season 2: Release Date

Release Date Of Re:Zero And What We Know So Far




Re:Zero Season 2

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Shock, horror. Despite the studio dropping a trailer for Re:Sero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu season 2 on us this spring, the Re Zero sequel series is yet to materialize.

So hands up, who is really annoyed right now?

Well, if like us, you are a diehard fan of Re:Zero then you must be pulling your hair out right now. The Re:Zero trailer was a huge boost in hopes for all of us who have been waiting years for the next series.

Most of us have watched the previous Re:Zero episodes so many times that we can recite them word for word.

The Re Zero trailer teased us all that Re:Zero 2nd season was set for an immediate release. 6 months on and nothing.

Without even a whisper from industry insiders, the truth is that a potential release date is anyone’s guess. What we do know, however, is that Re:Zero canceled is no longer a headline that is floating around the internet.  

A Hit Anime Series

The anime series of Re:Zero was adapted from a popular manga novel series by Tappei Nagatsuki, which was illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka.

The series was originally released on a Japanese website back in 2012. Since that date, a total of 17 volumes have been published by manga media publisher Media Factory.

The critical and commercial acclaim of the manga series resulted in the serialization of the books in anime form.

The anime series was a big hit with Japanese anime fans and immediately resulted in a demand for a second series.

Before we get to the release date, let’s take a look at what the series is all about.

Re:Zero: Plot

Re:Zero tells the story of a young boy called Subaru Natsuki, who is transported to another world while on her way home.

No sooner than she has arrived, she meets an elf woman called Satella, who becomes her friend. Satella tells the tale of the theft of her insignia by a man called Felt. Soon after, his two new friends are killed in some mysterious event.

Subaru decides to use his special powers which allow him to turn back time by dying. He returns to the past in order to solve the mystery of what happened to his new friends.

After managing to prevent the murders by the mysterious assassin Elsa, he discovers that he is soon on an adventure that will require him to die time and time again in order to keep changing events for the better.

Re:Zero: From Novel To Anime

The original novel series has taken an interesting road to becoming a full-fledged anime series.

The first step took place when the first volume became a web novel back in 2012. It originally appeared on the site Shōsetsuka ni Narō.

To date, this original novel has spawned a total of six novels and two smaller sub-stories, all of which are available online.

It was not long until the manga publishing house, Media Factory, noticed this imaginative new series.

In January 2014, it published the original novel in manga form. Impressively, over the next 5 years, 19 further novels have been published along with three sub stories and four short story collections.

It was thanks to interest from Daichi Matsue that the series was picked up for a manga adaptation.

To date, we have seen three chapters of the manga series released.

Re:ZERO: -Starting Life in Another World

  • Chapter 1: A Day in the Capital August 2014
  • Chapter 2: One Week at the Mansion January 25, 2017
  • Chapter 3: Truth of Zero May 27, 2015

There’s also been a manga anthology that was released in two parts on June 2016 and September 2017.

Re:ZERO: Anime

Thanks to the success of the series up until this point, it was announced back in July 2015 that there would be an anime television series.

This series would be directed by legendary anime creator Masaharu WatanabeI and comprise of 25 episodes.

The original episode had a total running time of 50 minutes, while the remainder were around 25 minutes in length.

The series included all the main characters from the original novels and soon spawned a series of spinoff episodes including Re:Zero: Starting Break Time From Zero.

Re:ZERO Season 2

It was recently announced that season two of Re:Zero will arrive later this year. Sometime in the autumn of 2019, fans will be able to finally watch the second series that they have been waiting so long for.
To tease them a little, the studio has released an official trailer for season two, which is sure to whet the appetite of all fans everywhere.

Very little is known about potential storylines, other than that it will continue to loosely follow the novels.
It has also been announced that a special spin-off OVA prequel episode, entitled Freezing Bonds, will be released to tell the story of how Amelia first met Puck.

So if you are a fan of Re:Zero then you don’t have much longer to wait. The spin off episode will take the edge off the less than six months remaining until the release of season two.

Update (02/19/2020) Re:Zero Season 2 Release Date 
The Re:Zero official website has recently posted that Re:Zero season 2 will officially be 
released in April of 2020. While an exact date has yet to be posted, this information should be 
coming very soon as April is only two months away from the time of this writing. Stay tuned 
here for further updates on the upcoming season. 

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