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Samsung S9 DQA Keeps Stopping Error Fix

If you’ve been experiencing an error about the “DQA” on your S9, here’s how to take care of it.



Samsung S9 DQA Keeps Stopping Error Fix

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The “DQA keeps stopping” error is a reference to the “Device Quality Agent” which is a protocol that keeps tabs on how your S9 device uses WiFi. When the DQA experiences a bug, the “DQA keeps stopping” error appears at an annoyingly frequent pace. Unfortunately, like many smartphone errors it can be difficult to narrow down what the exact cause of this bug is. Luckily for you we have several potential solutions below that can solve your issue.

1. Install Android System Updates

The first thing you should know is that Android already tried to address the “DQA keeps stopping” error with some patches that were released some time ago. Unfortunately, not everyone has benefited from these updates. However, if you haven’t updated your phone to the latest firmware then you should try that and see if it works for you.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is automatically set to download new updates by default, you may have changed these settings on your own phone. To manually check for a new Android update go to Settings, then Software update. The phone will now check for any updates and begin installing them if any are available.

Software Update S9

2. Install Third Party Application Updates

Many Galaxy S9 errors can also be caused by an app that is not functioning properly. In order to fix this potential problem, you will want to keep all of your apps up to date with the latest installations. You can either have automatic installations and updates for your apps or check for them yourself manually. When in the Google Play Store, go into the main menu, then click on Settings. Scroll down to “automatically download app updates for you” and tap this.

3. Refreshing the Cache Partition

Many users have claimed that refreshing the cache partition was successful in eliminating the “DQA keeps stopping” error, so we recommend this step before trying any of the following ones. It’s easy to do and also comes with some other benefits like cleaning up your phone which will slightly improve its performance.

To begin, first you will need to turn off your S9 device. Power it back on by holding down the Bixby button and the Volume Up button as well as the Power button. Release all three buttons when the Android symbol appears.

You should now receive a notification telling you that a system update is being done. Wait for a minute or less and then you will be brought to an Android System menu.

Scroll down the menu using the Volume Down button until you find the option that reads “wipe cache partition” and select it using the Power button. The cache partition will now be in the process of being wiped. Your S9 phone will prompt you to restart your phone once the process is done. Restart your Galaxy S9 device and check to see if the “DQA keeps stopping” error is gone. If it isn’t then move on to our next solution.

wipe cache partition S9

4. Resetting the Network Settings

Since the DQA problem is tied into wireless functionality there is a chance that resetting your phone’s network settings will solve the problem.

First go into your Settings. Select General Management, then select Reset. Next, choose Reset Network Settings and then finally on the next page select the Reset Settings option.

Reset Network Settings S9

Check now to see if the “DQA keeps stopping” bug is persisting.

5. Reset All Settings

If the previous solutions haven’t been working for you then you will have to try some more aggressive ideas. Resetting all settings will reset your Galaxy S9 phone to factory settings but without deleting personal user data or apps. The steps for this solution are very similar to the previous one.

First, go into Settings, then select General Management. Now tap on Reset, then tap on the Reset Settings option.

Reset Settings S9

6. Factory Reset

This is by far the most serious step on our list but it may be your only hope of getting rid of the DQA error if the previous solutions didn’t work. A hard factory reset will wipe out pretty much everything on your phone and will put it back in the same condition that it was when your Samsung Galaxy S9 was brand new.

Make sure to back up your personal data before moving on, including songs, photos or other personal or important information.

To begin, enter your Settings menu. Tap on General Management. Then select Reset, then select Factory Data Reset. Next, tap on Reset Device. Finally, select Continue, then Delete all.

Factory Data Reset S9

This reset process may take a couple of minutes but it should finally eliminate the pesky “DQA keeps stopping” bug.

7. Download the DQA APK

One solution that has seen some success is to download a file called the DQA APK. It may be possible that you or your phone accidentally deleted this file which could be why you are receiving the “DQA keeps stopping” error.

First you will want to download the file from this link here. Then plug your phone into your computer and transfer the file to your phone.

Next, on your phone you will go to your Settings app, then select Security Lock-Screen, then Security. Then tap on Allow Unknown Sources.

Then you will go into your File Manager app, locate the DQA APK file and then install it. Hopefully this allows your phone to reconnect to wi-fi.