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Samsung Galaxy S9 Troubleshooting: Fixing the “Internet May Not Be Available” Error

If you’re getting an error about internet availability on your Galaxy S9, try these steps to take care of the problem once and for all.



S9 Fix “Internet May Not Be Available’ Error

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Are you having issues with connecting your Android device to the internet? This is a common problem and it manifests in a variety of different ways. Sometimes you can only connect to a private network but never any public Wi-Fi hot spots. Other times your Wi-Fi will just drop out of nowhere even when using your own home router. If you need help with getting your Samsung Galaxy S9 back online then read below for the multiple solutions that may help out in your time of need.

Solution 1: Forced Reboot

It’s a clichéd answer but some Wi-Fi problems are solved by doing one simple thing: restarting your device. The best thing to do before trying out any technical feats is to just reboot your Galaxy S9 in a specific way. Instead of holding down the power button and clicking the “restart” button, do this:

Push and hold both the power button and the volume down button for 10 seconds. Your Galaxy S9 device should power off and begin an automated restart cycle. This triggers the Maintenance Boot mode menu.
From Maintenance Boot mode menu, choose the Normal Boot option. The volume buttons can be used as your Up and Down buttons in this mode. You may have to wait for up to a minute and a half for this process to complete.

Solution 2: Forget Wi-Fi network

We’re not saying you have to forget about a Wi-Fi network, we’re saying that this is indeed an option that your Galaxy S9 is equipped with. This method acts as a way to refresh Wi-Fi connections in a device.

  • Go to the Settings App of your Galaxy S9. This page can be accessed by swiping down while at the Home Screen and pressing the icon that looks like a cog or a gear
  • Go to the Connections Screen
  • Now click on Wi-Fi
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi switch in the upper right is switched to On
  • Now tap on the Wi-Fi network that you wish to remove
  • Press Forget

Solution 3: Reset your network settings

Another common way to correct a network error or any other connection issues for Galaxy S9 is to reset your network settings. Be mindful that doing this will erase all Wi-Fi networks and their related data such as passwords. Any auxiliary information like VPN data or cellular settings will also be deleted. Consider this somewhat of a last resort, and make sure you know how to restore all of this information once this step is completed.

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Scroll down and click on the option that reads General Management
  • Go to Reset Settings
  • You may be asked to insert your PIN security number. Type it in
  • Tap Reset Settings. A confirmation notification will appear once the process is complete

Solution 4: Safe Mode Connection

The problem with the complexity of software these days is that different programs can interact and interfere with one another in unforeseen ways once installed on the same device. Safe mode is a great way to temporarily stop any third party applications from messing with your network settings. If your Wi-Fi works on safe mode but not on the regular mode then now you’ll know one of your downloaded programs is the culprit. Here’s how to activate it for Galaxy S9:

  • First, turn off your phone
  • Hold down the power button to turn it back on. Make sure to keep on holding it while it is booting up
  • When their logo appears, let go of the power button
  • Immediately after letting go of the power button, hold down the volume down button
  • Continue holding the button until the phone is finished booting
  • If all these steps are done correctly then Safe Mode should boot up. The bottom corner will display a safe mode icon
  • Check your phone’s Wi-Fi to see if it is functioning properly

In Conclusion

We hope that any of these four steps have helped you recover your regular Wi-Fi needs for your Galaxy S9 Android smartphone device. If none of them have helped you with your problems then you can always try to check for any OS updates that may still have to be downloaded. There is also always the option of doing a factory reset, but this is definitely a final resort tactic and may require backing up all your data. Thank you for reading and we hope this post has been helpful.