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Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Solve Incomplete Connection Error

If you’re getting the ‘incomplete connection’ error on your Galaxy S8, find out how to fix it by reading our easy-to-follow solution.



Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Solve Incomplete Connection Error

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One of the worst things that can happen to your phone is when it refuses to charge. The Galaxy S8 has a common problem that is referred to as the “incomplete connection” error which occurs when this issue is present. Sometimes it results in a very slow battery charge, and sometimes there is no charge at all. If any of these issues describe what is happening to your Android device, then read on for tips on how to fix it.

How to fix Incomplete charging Issue

If your Galaxy S8 phone can turn on but has a very weak charge while displaying the “incomplete connection” notification error, these solutions may solve your problem.

Step 1: Power cables and Power Sources

The first thing you may want to do is to test out your phone with different equipment. If you are using the same charging cable and the same power source (examples would be your laptop and the default cable that came with your phone) then try using different combinations.

Buy a new USB charger or borrow one from a friend of family member Plug your phone into different sources such as a wall outlet or a different computer. If the problem persists then you know that the phone itself is the likely culprit.

Step 2: Default Factory Settings

The next step will be to restore your device to default settings. It is quite possible that a third party app is interfering with the OS data of your phone in some unknown way. The problem with having so much software on one device is that they can interact in negative ways we can’t predict, like medications with unforeseen side effects.

From the Home screen go to your Settings application, then access Cloud and Accounts. Tap on Backup and Restore. Head back to Settings and access General Management, then Reset, then Factory Data Reset. Once this is complete, charge your phone again and see if the problem has disappeared. If it works then you know that one or more of your third party apps was the problem.

This method will delete most information on your phone so be sure to save or back up anything you want such as songs, photos, phone numbers, etc.

Default Factory Settings - Samsung Galaxy S8

Default Factory Settings / Galaxy S8

Step 3: Cable Management

This might seem a little strange but believe it or not, a slightly askew or dirty cable can be what’s behind all this. People have reported solving the incomplete connection error of the Galaxy S8 by cleaning the tips of the cable or by bending it in different directions. This would mean that the pin connectors inside the cable are damaged in some way.

Similarly, you can also try cleaning out the charge port of your phone itself with a can of compressed air. Dirt or dust could be blocking the port just enough to cause the incomplete connection error.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips and more importantly we hope one of them has helped you. If none of these solutions worked for you then our best suggestion would be to contact Samsung Customer Support so you can get the help you need for your Galaxy S8.