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Samsung Galaxy S8 Moisture Error Solved

If your Galaxy S8 is bringing up an error that says the USB port is wet, fix it by following these simple steps.



Samsung Galaxy S8 Moisture Error Solved

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One error that is not too common among users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the moist port issue. It doesn’t happen very often which is why it frustrates owners because so few know how to solve it. The problem is usually identified by the device itself as “Check port, moisture has been detected”. This issue can arise even if your Samsung Galaxy S8 has never come into contact with water or liquid of any kind.

What’s worse is that this prevents you from charging your phone or connecting it to a PC via USB to transfer data.

Luckily, we have a guide that should solve this uncommon yet annoying issue. The moisture in the port problem is something that is experienced across several Samsung devices. If you have a Galaxy S7, S8+ or S9, then this solution should also work just as well for you.

What Causes this Problem?

The main reason why this notification will pop up on your phone is obvious – your USB port has gotten wet somehow. Samsung devices are all equipped with a moisture sensor. This is a safety precaution as plugging in your device while it is wet can be a dangerous situation for obvious reasons. Your phone will refuse to charge and accept electricity from whatever source you have plugged it into for both your phone’s safety and your own.

Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is durable. You do not have to worry about water damage causing any permanent issues. If you act quickly and clean and dry your port out when it becomes wet or submerged then you can stop corrosion or any internal damage before it sets in.

This is good news as it means that your phone is probably not severely damaged even if you are receiving the “Moisture detected…” notification. The notification is merely an indication that the moisture sensor has detected something wet. It is not an assessment of your Samsung Galaxy S8’s health or condition. Odds are if all other functions of your phone are working then your device is still in good shape.

More good news is that you can still charge your Samsung device but it has to be done wirelessly. Android devices have wireless charging stations that will give power to your phone by placing it on top of the charging device. This can be used as a Plan B option when your USB port is currently inaccessible.

Many owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones have never dropped their device in water and still receive this error. There are alternative explanations for this. Sometimes the moisture sensor will incorrectly identify moisture in the air as liquid in the port. This can (rarely) occur when people use their phone in areas with a more humid atmosphere. Over time this can build up and the moisture sensor will believe that the USB port has come into contact with fluids.

How to Fix the Moisture Detected Error Message

Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions that should solve the moisture error of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

One popular route is to take a blow dryer and apply it to the port. This will both heat up and dry out the USB port of anything that the phone might mistake for moisture. It can also be effective if your device actually was recently submerged in liquid.

If your device was submerged, then try using dry wipes like tissue paper or a q-tip to wipe away any residue liquid before using a blow dryer. Some blow dryers are powerful and you don’t want to accidentally push any water further into your device. It is recommended that you turn your Samsung Galaxy S8 off while doing this.

If these manual options still do not solve your problem and you are still receiving the moisture error message then you can try some alternative routes. One of the first things you should do is use a different charging cable. It is possible that the current USB cable you have has experienced some minor corrosion due to being old. Sometimes the moisture sensor interprets corrosion as moisture, and a new cable will solve this issue entirely. It’s easy to check the cable, which is why we recommend doing this first.

Other simple troubleshooting methods involve rebooting your device after you have cleaned the port. There is a chance that this will recalibrate the moisture sensor after you have cleaned it out.

One last resort you can try if none of the previous tips helped is to clear your USB settings. First, you have to head on over to your Settings menu. This is accessed from the status bar. Swipe down on the main page and tap on the icon that looks like a cog. Now, from the Settings menu, select Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Fix Moisture Detected Error

Tap on the symbol that looks like three dots in the top right hand corner. This will bring up a sub menu. Tap on “Show system apps.” Scroll down until you locate “USB settings” and tap on that. Tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Data. Confirm by selecting Delete instead of Cancel.

If you are worried about this error repeating itself in the future then there are some preventative measures you can take. Since the sensor is sensitive you can buy a case that has a port cover. This will keep moisture from getting in and you can only remove it whenever you need to charge your phone.

Hopefully one of these methods worked at clearing this error and restoring complete access to your device.