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The Best Smart TV Apps for Samsung

Smart Hub gives you access to a huge amount of content. Let us help you figure out which are the absolute essential downloads.



Samsung Smart TV Apps

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There are many things that separate a Smart TV from a regular one. Internet access is often the first thing that comes to people’s minds but what’s more important than that is what is done with that online access. Smart TVs are like smartphones, but bigger. They display your gaming, Blu-Ray collection or your satellite service, and they can be a receptacle for a wide variety of downloadable apps.

Samsung is with no doubt one of the leading proponents of the Smart TV industry. They arguably produce the best televisions on the market today, perhaps ever, and just as they push boundaries with hardware they do so with software as well. The Samsung Smart Hub is like the app store for your Samsung TV model. Many of the apps there are just waiting to be discovered so that your TV experience can be better tailored and customized to your needs. Below we will discuss the best and most essential app additions to your Samsung Smart TV experience.

How To Download Apps on Samsung Smart TV

Adding apps to your Samsung Smart Television is very easy. First you’ll want to press the Home button on your remote control in case you aren’t already at the main menu. Now locate the Apps menu and click on that. Find whatever app you want either by searching for it by name or by category. Select the Install button to begin downloading your app and it will be saved onto your Smart TV.

How to Install 3rd Party apps on Samsung Smart TV

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to your Smart TV’s Settings menu. Then go to Security. Under the tab called “Unknown Sources” you’ll have to check this box so that 3rd party downloads will be accepted. Now all you need to do is locate your 3rd party applications from either the Play Store or other sources such as apk files.

How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

To update all of your Smart TV apps at once just head over to the main menu by pressing the home button. Then go to the Apps menu. Next, select Options and then go to Auto Update. Set this feature to “On.” Now, any apps that have future updates will automatically receive them as soon as possible.

How to uninstall Apps on Samsung Smart TV

To delete an app from your Samsung TV, you must first locate that app in the Apps menu. Once you have highlighted the app in question, hold down the center button of the navigation pad. After a couple of seconds, a menu will pop up with several options. Simply select “Delete” and that app will be removed instantly.

Samsung Smart TV Apps Not Working

One solution to this issue that has worked for many is a little out of the box but still seems to get results. First go into System, then Setup, then Enter your PIN. Keep on scrolling until you reach the Smart Hub Terms and Conditions page. Next you will want to press the buttons on your remote control in this specific order in order to trigger the next sequence: Mute, Return, Volume Up, Channel Up, Mute. Now you have begun the initial settings sequence.

This next step is the most important as it is what seems to solve the issue: select a country of residence that is not the United States. The apps of the Samsung Smart Hub will go through a reboot process only if you select another country. After that, continue through the rest of the steps of the process. When done, the apps should be back to normal.

Samsung Smart TV

Some apps may not be available on older Smart TV models, but all of the apps we list will be compatible with newer and up to date models.


YouTube AppYoutube is essential for many reasons, some are obvious and some not so much. Youtube is an everlasting database of free content that receives thousands of new videos every hour. It is still a great place to go to see music videos, movie clips, or even find out independent news sources on entertainment or world events. Everyone goes on Youtube for something, whether its comedy, podcasts, music, or something else, so you probably are already thinking to yourself that this choice is a no-brainer.

While this is true, we think it is important for Smart TV owners to download the Youtube app because of its massive 4K library. Odds are if you have a Samsung Smart TV, it’s probably a 4K Ultra High Definition model. And the fact of the matter is, there is no place with a 4K database that rivals Youtube. We believe that without this app you simply won’t be getting the most bang for your buck if you have a 4K Smart TV. Nature docs, music videos and especially gaming vlogs are always getting more 4K content.

We also have to mention that Samsung has made the transition rather seamless. Sync up your Google Plus account and all of your Youtube history and subscriptions will transfer over.


Netflix AppThis one is probably the biggest no-brainer on the list, with Youtube being a close second place. Like Youtube, the Netflix database is absolutely huge and features more shows and movies than any one single human lifetime would ever need.

And like Youtube, Netflix offers some 4K programs though you will have to upgrade your subscription plan to access this higher quality resolution. You can search what programs or movies they have available in 4K and decide for yourself based on your own taste if that is an option worth considering.

Netflix is so popular that believe it or not it may already be pre-installed onto your Samsung Smart TV. If you have a newer model then the odds are you already have it. Simply sign in using your email address and have fun.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video AppAmazon Video is an on-demand streaming service meant to compete with the likes of Hulu and Netflix. While it doesn’t have the large database of Netflix, it does have some exclusive content that may cater to you. There’s also the added bonus of being able to sync up your Alexa or any other Amazon Prime benefits if you have them.

Playstation Now

PS Now AppPS Now is Sony’s streaming service for their gaming hardware. PS Now is compatible with Playstation 3 and 4, as well as Playstation Vita, their portable gaming device. The way it works is that with a subscription to this service you can play games without physically or even digitally owning them. You simply select from a database not unlike Netflix and the game itself is streamed to your TV set from Sony’s servers at a different location. It’s like Blockbuster of the future.

Input latency lag, a delay between your button presses and the action on screen, may occur if your internet speed isn’t top of the line, much like streaming large 4K files. Only consider this option if you use a wired ethernet connection to avoid data drops.


Spotify AppIf you listen to a lot of music, then consider getting a Spotify account for your television set. Your Smart TV can become a personalized home music theater once it has access to the over 30 million tracks that are a part of the Spotify database. Having games and movies on your TV is one thing but people often neglect the convenience of being able to blast any tunes you want from loud and powerful speakers, not to mention being able to select and organize these songs in a convenient and intuitive fashion.

Below is tablature data on all the variety of video apps available for Samsung Smart TVs. Use these charts to gain some insight into what is truly available from the Smart Hub.

Video Apps for SSTV
1.3D Smart Tv
2.3doo 3D Player
3.AirWire Payer
4.Al Jazeera
5.Amazon Video Prime
6.AOL On
8.Arirang TV
9.Arpinet TV
11.Baby Channel
13.BBC News
14.Bolly n Beyond
15.Caribbe TV
16.Chef TV
17.CineFunTV HD
18.College Humor
20.Digital Concert Hall
21.Digital Theatre
23.Divine India
26.DS Video
30.FashionBox Live
31.Fashion TV
32.Fightbox Live
33.FilmBox Live
34.Financial Times
36.Ginx TV
37.Google Play Movie
38.GSS Media WW
39.Hero Talkies
40.Home Theatre
42.Kurdish TVs Plus
43.mako TV
44.Mentors Channel
45.Mercedes-Benz TV
46.Mo Moviez VOD
50.National Geography Kids
52.NetPlus TV
53.NFB Films
55.Pepsi MTV Indies
56.Pluto TV
58.Porsche TV
59.Redbull TV
60.Rockaxis TV
63.Smart IPTV
67.Total Music
69.Yupp TV

The sports apps may be video streaming based or just present data or scoreboard.

Sports Apps for SSTV
2.WWE Network
6.Workout Time Recorder
7.Personal Fit Stretching for Running
8.Sports Score Board
9.Cricket DL Calci
11.Fishing TV
Kids Apps for SSTV
1.Best Kids Songs
2.Cat Trouble in Mouse Village
3.Dibo's Playground Plus
4.Dibo's Storybook 01
5.DS 02
6.DS 03
7.DS 04
8.DS 05
9.DS 06
10.DS 07
11.DS 08
12.DS 09
13.DS 10
14.DS 11
15.DS 12
16.DS 13
17.English Kingergarten
18.Giggly English 1
19.GE 2
20.GE 3
21.Gingerbread Man
22.Solar System Planets
23.Three Little Pigs
Education Apps for SSTVLifestyle Apps for SSTV
1.The Weather NetworkBlue Sky
2.Bloomberg TVBroken TV
3.AccuWeatherCalm Radio
4.DirigentChinese Astro
5.Web BrowserChrismtas Carols
8.42Net Smart PlayerDeezer
9.The Weather ChannelDigital Clock
10.Remote Shop Care HubDisco Lights
11.Money ControlSantaBanta Bolly
12.Deccan ChronicleSize Converter
13.Samsung SPSNvTuner Internet Radio
14.Top Beauty SecretYuuZoo
15.TOIFacebook Samsung
17.DNRDFunny Sounds
18.PressReaderGetting Rid of Bugs
19.ABP NewsHajj
21.LottoInteractive Story
22.Color Blindness TestKomfort Cloud TV
23.No More SmokingKrb
24.All About PerfumeLearning Wudu
25.All About DiabatesSmart LED
26.All About Mixing DrinksThe Karaoke TV
28.TaxCalciSony Playstation
29.SEMANALive Wallpaper
31.BMI CalciMyDigipack
32.Qminder ConnectNatGeo Images
33.TV KindergartenNDTV LifeStyle
34.All About HairstylePixtory HD
35.The Dating TheoryRaaga
36.Pictorial BiographyRed Karaoke
38.The History of RomeSamsungMyRecipe
39.History of AmericaSound Effect
40.DIY Child ProductsUHD ZOO
41.100YearsCalnderWorld Clock
42.This Day in History
44.Did You Know
45.Aaj TaK
47.IBN Live
48.RTP Play

In Conclusion

Samsung’s Smart Hub is, when it comes down to it, a database of databases. These few apps are easily some of the best and most popular but there are always more new applications to discover to better improve your Smart TV’s evolution. We hope these all serve as a great jumping off point and help you discover even more new additions to your home theater.