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Sanus TV Wall Mount Review

The Sanus VLF628 is one of the best TV wall mounts that money can buy. Read on to find out more.



Sanus VLF628 Review

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Sanus VLF628 TV Wall Mount

With so many TV mounts available these days, it can get tiresome trying to figure out which ones are truly worth your hard earned cash. Luckily, today I’m going to be talking about what may very well be one of the best TV mounts out there when it comes to providing a reliable and versatile experience: the Sanus VLF628 Premium Full Motion TV Mount.

We’ll find out below if this popular product by Sanus really can deliver on all fronts related to ease of use, intuitive design and perfect positioning.

Sanus Premium TV Wall Mount – Specifications

Sanus VLF628 TV Wall MountJust like when one is researching what television set to buy, researching what TV mount you want should include knowing the basic specs.

The Sanus Premium Wall Mount weighs about 54 pounds, which is a little heavier than average but it is ultimately no big deal.

The Sanus Premium Wall Mount has an impressive capacity to fit TV sets ranging from 42 to 90 inches in size. Odds are that whatever TV you currently own will be able to snap into place on this wall mount with zero issues. The Premium Wall Mount also has a maximum weight load of 150 pounds, which again means that an astonishing amount of different TV sets are compatible with this wall mount.

And like all great TV wall mounts, the Sanus VLF628 is very easy to install. The entire process, including attaching the brackets to the back of the TV casing and hanging the wall plate up, will take roughly 10 minutes—even less if you are in a rush or have experience with this task. The wall mount is even designed to produce a clicking sound that lets you know with certainty that the TV set is safely secured.

Sanus Premium TV Wall Mount – Features

Sanus VLF628 TV Wall MountNow here comes the fun part. Sanus is by far one of the bestselling TV wall mount manufacturers across the world, and for good reason. Anyone looking for TV wall mounts that has product features that maximize your convenience will be doing themselves a favor by considering getting the VLF628 Premium Wall Mount.

For one thing, the Sanus Premium TV Wall Mount has a very useful extension feature. The swivel bar that connects the TV itself to the wall is capable of turning and extending upwards of 28 inches. This is a fantastic feature if you are watching TV in a fairly large room and want to bring the screen a couple of feet closer to you for an even better viewing experience.

The swiveling function is also extremely intuitive. Not only is it very easy to adjust the angle both horizontally and vertically but the TV mount is so effective that even massive 90 inch screens can be rotated with ease. With 20 degrees of tilting and 180 degrees of swiveling, you will easily be able to find the perfect viewing angle for your bedroom or living room.

When it comes to build quality the Sanus VLF628 is simply impressive. The frame is extremely durable and the swiveling mechanic is very quiet and causes no noise in the middle of rotation or tilting.

The joints and steel bolts are also very robust and as long as you screw them in tightly, they will stay very snugly in place. The swiveling joints did feel a little stiff at first when rotating the mount but they loosened up rather quickly and delivered the satisfying motion that Sanus products are known for.

The only negative thing I can really say about the Sanus Premium TV Wall Mount is that it is more expensive than other TV mounts. The higher price point is made up for thanks to the excellent build quality, the 28 inches of extra extension and the incredibly large range of different TV sizes this one mount can support.

Let me be clear and say that this is not the TV mount to buy if you are on a budget. However, if you are looking for something that is truly high quality and willing to pay for it, you will not regret it one bit.

Final Thoughts on Sanus VLF628 Premium TV Wall Mount

Sure, it may be a bit pricey but this is a TV wall mount that has everything going for it. It’s a great choice for people who have multiple TVs in different sizes. The easy installation allows it to be placed in so many different locations. The smooth swiveling function is easier and more satisfying than other TV wall mounts, and the extension feature is a blessing that really augments your viewing experience in ways you didn’t even know you wanted. The Sanus VLF628 TV wall mount is indeed a premium product after all.