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Level Up Your Viewing Experience: Unleash the Power of an Awesome Screen Saver for your LG TV

Discover the secrets to customizing your LG TV screensaver! Learn how to access and personalize it for an immersive viewing experience. Read more now!



How To Change LG TV Screensaver

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Are you having trouble setting up a screensaver on your LG TV? It’s actually quite straightforward and easy to do. In this blog, we will explore the options for setting up or customizing a screensaver on your LG television.

From adding personal photos to selecting pre-installed options, you’ll soon understand how simple it is to customize the stationary visuals that can add so much character to entertainment time with family & friends! So read on as we discuss screen savers for LG TVs today.

Key Takeaways

  • LG TVs offer both pre-installed and customizable screensaver options.
  • To customize the screensaver on an LG TV, users can choose from pre-installed options or personalize with images if supported by their model.
  • Enabling a screensaver helps protect LCD displays from image burn-in.
  • OLED TVs rarely suffer issues such as burn so it is not necessary to enable a Screen Saver function—thus preventing unnecessary power waste.

How to Change the Screensaver on an LG TV

To change the screensaver on an LG TV, you must access the settings menu and select from various available options.

Accessing the settings menu

To access the settings menu on an LG TV and change the screensaver option, press the home button on the remote. This should display a range of options, from which you need to select “Settings.”

Selecting the screensaver options

  1. To change the screensaver on an LG TV, users need to access the Settings menu and select the Screensaver option from the General Settings tab.
  2. Once in the settings menu, users can choose from pre-installed screensavers or customize with personal images if supported for their model.
  3. For older models of LG TVs without a Screen Saver function that can be enabled or disabled, users will simply need to navigate to the Home button and then select Apps > Art Gallery for screensaver customization.
  4. For Smart LG TVs, users will need to press the Home button , select Settings, and then choose All settings to locate screensaver options.
  5. On LG OLED TVs, users may access screensaver options by clicking ‘View Live TV’ followed by selecting ‘Settings’ located in the upper right corner of their TV screen.

Customizing the Screensaver on an LG TV

By customizing the screensaver on an LG TV, users can create a personalized experience with their viewing device by using personal photos or selecting from pre-installed options.

Using personal photos

While the LG TV offers a basic range of image options to give you an aesthetically pleasing background for when no information or channel is playing, it does not allow users to customize the images using their own photos. This is due to safety and protection reasons. The images used as screensavers are carefully selected by LG and deemed safe from any potential damages that could occur after long-term exposure.

In addition, there could also be technical limitations with the current software preventing it from picking up external drives or devices for customized images. Furthermore, it is also a copyright infringement to use photos that are not yours without permission. To protect users from these issues, many TVs have decided against incorporating this feature.

Selecting pre-installed screensaver options

LG TVs offer a limited selection of pre-programmed screensavers, but unfortunately, these cannot be changed from the default option. To access and change the current screensaver on your LG TV, press the Mute button on your remote three times. This will bring up a pop-up window displaying all available pre-installed options.

  1. Navigate to ‘Screen Saver’ in the Settings menu using either the Home button or navigating with left/right clicks via arrow keys on your remote control.
  2. Select your desired screensaver from the list of available options, which includes live wallpapers as well as standard still image drills that can range in visuals such as illustrations and animals to animations and holiday-themed pictures when enabled within Settings > All Settings > Screensaver > Content Type menu .
  3. Once you have chosen an appropriate Screen saver type, turn it On by clicking “On” in the top right corner of the device’s display screen if required (note some types already include this feature). Press OK to save changes and enjoy a fresh new look every time you resume watching TV after interval idle times!

Turning On/Off the Screensaver on an LG TV

Users can easily control and adjust the screensaver settings on their LG TV by accessing the settings menu and enabling or disabling the screensaver.

Enabling the screensaver

To activate the screensaver on an LG TV, users must access the Screensaver option in the General Settings menu. First, press the Home button on your remote control and select Settings. Scroll through until you find All settings or more TV settings. Then select General, followed by Screen Saver, to enable the feature.

On some models of TVs, owners will have an On/Off switch within this menu, which they can use to turn off and adjust their screensavers as necessary. By enabling a screensaver, owners are protecting their television displays from screen burn-in caused by displaying one image or pattern for too long a period of time. For OLED TVs, it is best to turn off any Screen Saver functions due to these displays rarely suffering from issues such as burn-in – so turning on a Screen Saver would be unnecessary power waste instead! It’s important that viewers who want to save energy remember this key point when setting up their televisions.

Disabling the screensaver

Disabling the screensaver on an LG TV is relatively easy and can be done by accessing the settings menu. Using the remote control, users can navigate to the General Settings option on their TV. Within those settings are options for screen display, where they should find a selection of screensaver preferences.

On some models, there may be a specific button available to turn off/on or disable/enable the screensaver feature. For LCD TVs with static content displayed, users have an additional option in this menu to switch off the default image burn-in protection that activates when idle. Once adjusted accordingly, simply save changes and exit out of these settings so that any new chosen customizations take effect right away.


Customizing the screensaver on an LG TV is a simple and convenient activity. Accessing the settings menu only requires a few clicks of the remote button, allowing users to make quick changes to their television’s visuals.

Moreover, LG TVs have several options for personalizing their screensavers, such as using photos and pre-installed choices. With various screensavers available, users can enhance their viewing experience while maintaining security by keeping screen time from turning too bright or dull with input image detection that automatically activate or deactivate screen savers depending on its content.

When done correctly, customizing and managing the screen saver feature on an LG TV can be both useful and enjoyable for viewers of any age group!