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Learn How to Use Sirius XM Radio Online

If you have Sirus XM Radio, you can already access their online database for free. Here’s how it all works.



Sirius XM Online

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Sirius XM radio is the number one most popular satellite radio provider out there. You can even access many of their digital streaming channels with Sirius online. Their internet based streams have proven to be very convenient for people who want some background noise during work but lack the appropriate Sirius device or portable media player. Luckily for you there are several ways you can listen to Sirius online free.

With or Without a Subscription

If you already have a registered subscription to Sirius XM then you can listen to low resolution streams online for free already. Sirius XM online offers over 80 channels of radio content. The catch is that the streams are generally in a low bit rate of 32kbps which means the sound quality will be pretty low. Thankfully, it’s still a free bonus to your overall package nonetheless.

If you don’t have a subscription then you can just try a free trial of Sirius online. Sirius has always allowed new members to sign up and register for three days of online streaming. If you choose to upgrade your plan with Sirius XM then you can aim for a 128kbps stream which will have noticeably a much better sound quality than the 32kbps package. Sirius has claimed that this stream is compressed more efficiently than how other online radio stations manage and sort their music. They promise that this stream offers sound quality closer to an actual CD.

Sirius XM - SubscriptionDon’t worry if you don’t have a Sirius device, a radio or any kind of hardware specifically made for this kind of service. Sirius online can easily be used by signing up for the online-only plan. The high quality stream is included in this package. And you don’t even have to purchase a new radio. As long as you have internet access and a computer or smartphone then you can sign up for this plan paying about half as much as what the satellite subscription costs.

Extra Advice for Sirius XM Online-only

Keep these helpful tips in mind for when you are getting ready to access Sirius radio online.

  • Sirius is known for an incredible library of content, including sports channels, music stations and talk shows, but not every channel available on their satellite program will be on the online service.
  • You will need decent internet to use Sirius radio online, but it doesn’t have to be super fast. The audio at 128kbps is not too big and most internet connections should work fine.
  • You can easily censor out adult oriented content and channels by playing around with the settings in the Sirius online player.
  • Don’t forget to pause the stream if you are in the middle of an important download. Depending on the strength of your connection it may slow down the download and cause a delay.
  • Don’t worry too much if your stream has to load or “buffer” if your bandwidth is being maxed out. Try not to do intensive online activities while using the online radio if this happens.