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How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung S21

Learn how to capture flawless screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S21 in minutes! Our comprehensive guide will make you a pro at capturing, saving, and sharing screenshots.



How to Screenshot Samsung Galaxy S21

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Are you looking for a simple way to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S21 device? Taking screenshots is an essential feature of smartphones, and it’s no different with the S21.

As a matter of fact, capturing screenshots on the Samsung S21 is effortless– just press two hardware buttons. In this blog post, we will provide comprehensive information about how to take a screenshot on the Samsung S21 as well as other tips and tricks related to taking screen captures.

So read ahead to find out all you need to know about capturing perfect snapshots of your phone display!

Key Takeaways

  • Capturing screenshots on the Samsung S21 is effortless: press two buttons of volume down and power or utilize a gesture feature (palm swipe) for capturing perfectly in no time.
  • A variety of screenshot methods are available such as using Bixby voice commands or Google Assistant commands to take a quick and seamless screenshot with almost zero effort.
  • Smart Select Tool provides additional options for taking screenshots like creating GIFs, extracting text from images, copying selected content directly onto their clipboard and even adding doodles so that it stands out attractively.
  • Third-party apps such as CaptureMe, Screenshot Easy & ScreenMaster Float Screenshot can also be used instead of traditional methods for screen capturing requests immediately entailing various convenience factors along with intuitive features such as turning layered images into GIFs or adding custom texts while Editing Photos.

Methods to Take a Screenshot on Samsung S21

The Samsung S21 offers several ways to capture a screenshot quickly, including the traditional button combination of pressing the Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously, using the palm swipe gesture, utilizing Bixby voice command or Google Assistant commands.

Button combination (Power and Volume Down buttons)

Taking a screenshot of the Samsung S21 is a simple and straightforward process. It involves pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously, then releasing them. The action will capture an image of whatever content is being viewed at that moment, saving it in your phone’s Gallery or other designated location.

This method is universally applicable to Android phones, not just Samsung models. It takes only seconds to use this shortcut, making it an extremely efficient way to quickly save information or images from a web page or article without downloading them individually.

In addition to pressing the volume down and power keys, there are additional features related to taking screenshots on Samsung devices, like Smart Select Tool and Scroll Capture options which are located within the ‘Smart Capture menu’ after taking the initial screenshot using the button combination.

With these advanced settings, one can crop their captured screen as well as share with others quickly through mobile messaging apps such as Whatsapp. The clarity of captured screen using this method makes it popular among users if compared with other methods like the Palm Swipe gesture feature or Bixby voice command.

Palm swipe gesture

is an advanced feature on Samsung devices that allows you to take a screenshot with just a swipe of your hand. It’s quicker and easier than the traditional button combination method, which requires pressing two buttons at once in order to capture a screenshot.

The palm swipe gesture eliminates any guesswork, so you can grab what you need without delay.

To use this feature on the Samsung S21, go into Settings > Advanced features > Motions and gestures, then turn on Palm swipe to capture. Once enabled, navigate to whatever screen or app you would like to get a screenshot of and simply place the edge of your hand across it from right to left (or left to right).

Your device will recognize this as an intentional command and complete the task as requested.

As convenient as this may sound, some users may experience issues with the palm swipe not working properly due to hardware changes or general glitches within their device’s settings – even if they have followed all relevant instructions correctly for activation purposes.

Bixby voice command

Bixby allows Samsung users to take screenshots without having to press any physical buttons. This convenience and accessibility feature makes it incredibly easy for users who may have difficulty using traditional screenshot methods.

To activate Bixby’s voice command, one just needs to open the device screen they want to capture and say out loud, “Take a screenshot” or “Capture this page.” Once done, a screenshot will be taken instantly, with no further action required by the user.

Additionally, Bixby can offer other useful functions within the camera app, such as identifying objects in captured photos and providing more information about them. This integration of Bixby’s voice recognition technology is very convenient when taking screenshots from different apps.

Not only does it eliminate steps involved in capturing the desired image, but it also increases user accessibility when taking screenshots across multiple platforms on Samsung devices like Galaxy S21 models.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a digital assistant available on Android and iOS devices. It can be used for tasks like setting alarms, making phone calls, sending texts, opening apps and more.

With Google Assistant, you can also take screenshots on Samsung phones with just a voice command. To use it, your device should have the Google app installed and Google Assistant activated in the settings.

All you need to do is say, “Hey, Google, Take a Screenshot,” or “Ok, Google, Take a Screenshot,” – then head over to your home screen or whatever page needs capturing before tapping the virtual shutter button.

If this option isn’t enabled in the Settings > Apps & Notifications > Default Applications menu of your Galaxy S21 device yet , tap the Search engine/Assistant app entry at the bottom first.

Then select Voice Input from there. Open, up OK Google detection, followed by the Say Ok Google Anytime slider bar. Thereby simply allow all permissions instructed so that you would be able to activate always listening mode.

Additional Options for Taking Screenshots on Samsung S21

Apart from the button combination and gesture, users can discover many other powerful ways of taking screenshots on Samsung S21 – explore further to find out more.

Smart Select Tool

The Smart Select tool is a great additional option for taking screenshots on the Samsung S21. It allows users to perform various tasks apart from taking screenshots, such as creating GIFs and extracting text from images.

To enable this tool, users need to go to their device’s Settings>Advanced features and turn on Motions and gestures.

Once enabled, users can select a specific area or extract text from an image whenever they wish to capture a screenshot. This Advanced screenshot also includes customizable settings that allow them to copy selected content directly onto their clipboard, adjust the size of captured images using handles, select different shapes around which they want to capture content, and even add doodles so that it stands out.

The captured screenshots are automatically saved in Gallery unless specifically chosen otherwise by the user. Smart Select also offers other creative ways of capturing snapshots, such as long scrolls through menus or webpages with ease via the Samsung Scroll Capture feature, which combines multiple screenshots into one picture – all these efforts make sure that you stay connected without any distractions away from what really matters – your favorite movies or series!

Apart from its versatility when it comes to casual or professional capturing of photos , Smart Select offers additional options like adding custom texts while Editing Photos ,Creating memorable GIFs with just a few clicks.

Samsung Scroll Capture

Samsung Scroll Capture is a feature available on Galaxy smartphones, like the Samsung S21, that makes it easy for users to capture comprehensive screenshots of web pages and other content beyond what fits into one screen.

With Scroll Capture, users can take a regular screenshot first by pressing the power and volume down buttons together and then use an additional option accessible at the bottom of the screen – “Scroll Capture” – to automatically capture more information as they scroll down.

By using this extended screenshot feature instead of manually stitching together multiple screenshots of scrolling content, people can quickly and easily document their chats, social media feeds, or any other long-form material in one unified image.

Third-Party Apps

Taking screenshots on Samsung S21 and other devices just got a lot easier with the help of third-party apps. These powerful additions not only provide an additional layer to taking screenshots but also offer various features for screen capturing, such as edit options that can turn the image files into GIFs or add text.

Additionally, their intuitive floating interface makes it extremely easy to take quick and secure images without having to use any combination of buttons or gestures/swipes – something which is especially beneficial for users whose physical nonfunctional buttons remain an obstacle in getting their screenshot task done.

Popular third-party apps like CaptureMe, Screenshot Easy, ScreenMaster Float Screenshot are being widely used for taking screenshots due to their convenient functions that come along with them.


Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S21 is incredibly easy and can be done using a combination of physical buttons, palm swipe gestures, voice commands or third-party apps. By pressing the Volume key and Power button at the same time – or simply swiping across your screen with your palm – you’ll be able to capture screenshots perfectly and save them in folders in your phone’s gallery.

Additionally, for those looking to quickly take multiple shots of an entire page or website, there are additional options such as Smart Select Tool, Scroll Capture and various other third-party apps that may come in handy.

Despite its simplicity, users should bear some troubleshooting searches about capturing a screenshot from different models like Ultra 5G or S FE if anything goes wrong due to minor device differences.

Overall, taking a screenshot on the Samsung GalaxyS21ishelping users share their smartphone experiences with friends without any hassle of mess!