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Textra – The Best SMS Texting App You’ve Never Heard Of

Textra is a free third party texting app that has some awesome features that others don’t include. Check out our full review here.



Textra SMS

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Third-party texting apps are becoming more and more popular every day. There are several benefits to be had depending on which app you end up with. It could be better support of multimedia files or superior customization features. While many would agree that standard SMS is becoming a thing of the past, many of them still haven’t heard of the Textra app. It may not be as popular as Kik or Discord but it could very well be one of the best SMS and MMS apps out there. Read on to find out what Textra is all about.

About the Textra App: The Basics

Textra is a free app that you can install on Android and Apple smartphone devices. It is a very easy to use texting program with a well-crafted interface and more features than your average SMS replacement app.

You’ll be pleased to hear how easy it is to weave in and out of texting and other functions. Every time you are texting someone you can swipe right to reveal a telephone icon. Tapping this allows you to initiate an audio call. Or you could swipe left to reveal the option to delete a thread. This is a great example of integrating important functions together on one screen.

Textra comes with many auxiliary functions that are so helpful it’s astonishing they’re not in more apps. One of the coolest things is the scheduled texting app where you can write a message in advance and set what time it will be sent.

One of the best things about Textra app is what you’ll notice upon first using it. It has a very attractive and sleek look to it. The visual design somehow manages to be both simple yet appealing. All of the space on screen is used efficiently and does a good job of reminding you that there is always some new option to be tinkering with. This leads into the Textra app’s customization abilities.

Total Customization

There are tons of ways that you can rearrange menus or refashion your interface. You can not only change the main color of your menus but you can also assign colors to individual contacts. This makes it easy to give everyone a unique look or group them according to however you see fit.

Textra App

Textra app even allows you to customize the shape and color of the speech bubbles that incoming and outgoing text messages show up in.

Arguably the most impressive aspect of Textra’s customization is the abundance of emojis that you can use. There are five different styles that you can select from: the Textra app default set, iOS style emojis, Android style emojis, the Twitter set and finally the standard Emoji set itself. This feature alone will probably make you want to use the app more than others if you like emojis. It’s definitely a cool feature.

Price of Textra App

They say the best things in life are free and that popular saying may very well apply to the Textra app. Textra is available to download for free from both the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS store. The one caveat is that Textra comes with some ads but luckily they are not nearly as intrusive as other freeware apps.

If you really dislike advertisements or if you like Textra so much that you want to support the developers then you can buy the “premium” version of Textra. It comes with no extra features and simply removes all ads. It only costs $0.99 and may very well be worth the price depending on how often you use this app.

How to Acquire Textra App for PC

Most Android or iOS apps can only be acquired on smartphone devices. However, if you really want to use Textra on your desktop computer then we know of a way to answer your needs. To use Textra on PC you will need an Android emulator. These programs allow you to use Android apps on your desktop or laptop computer. We recommend downloading a great free emulator called Bluestacks from its official website here. Once you’ve installed it, activate the program and you’ll see a search bar. Type in textra and once you see it on the results page click on and download it. Now you can use the Textra app for your Windows device.

Textra App for PC - Step 1

Textra App for PC - Step 2

Textra App for PC - Step 3

Concluding Thoughts and Remarks

Textra is a great combination of seemingly never-ending customization with highly intuitive controls and menus. It’s one of the most visually appealing and easy to use texting apps we’ve ever used and to this day it boggles our minds that Textra isn’t even a tenth as big as Kik.

The Textra app has a ton of excellent reviews available made by thousands of people on the Google Play Store. You don’t just have to take our word for it – everyone loves just how customizable and intuitive this app is. It deserves its popularity for sure. We hope that this article helps get the word out so more people can learn just how great of an app Textra is.