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Top Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Cases

If you want a case for your Galaxy S8 active, then check out our round-up of the top eight options for sale online.



Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is an extremely durable phone, but it isn’t damage proof. Even the strongest phones need extra protection to keep them safe, so we’ve put together a review of the 5 most popular cases below.

Supcase Galaxy S8 Active Full-Body Case

Supcase Galaxy S8 Active Full-Body CaseIf your priority for a phone case is total protection and armor then the Supcase Active Full Body case for Galaxy S8 models will definitely be up your alley.

This phone case is made out of several different materials to make it both resistant to impacts and also very easy to hold. This phone case is very nice to touch as well as to look at. The gripping on the sides are a great touch to reduce the odds of the phone slipping out of your hands.

The visual design has a nice semi-futuristic look to it, giving it the feel that it is a few years ahead of its time. It comes in multiple colors though we were especially partial to the blue and gold embroideries. This is without a doubt a great balance between protection and style, so you simply can’t go wrong with this case.

Zizo Bolt Series Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Zizo Bolt SeriesThe Zizo Bolt Series case for the Samsung S8 Active boasts some pretty cool features. It claims to have military grade protection and supports wireless charging. It comes in ten colors, has a kickstand, a belt hook and a neck tie. The case also comes with a free glass protector and we have to admit it certainly looks the part. So does it do everything it says?

The Zizo Bolt performs pretty well. It is robust and keeps the phone safe. There were no instances where the phone inside broke when it was dropped. We did discover that the belt hook and kick stand were not as sturdy as the rest of the case.

When dropped the kickstand is easily broken and it’s a big design flaw that it sits behind the belt hook. We found that often the kickstand would release and push the belt hook away from the case.

The phone’s buttons are difficult to press in this case but not impossible. The screen protector works well and doesn’t affect usage. We did find that the wireless charging capability was a bit hit and miss and the headphone jack space was a little on the small side.

Overall, the Zizo Bolt is good. It’s tough and sturdy and we found it does an excellent job at keeping the phone clean, safe and dry. It does have a couple of design flaws that could be tweaked but we found it to be great looking and a great quality product regardless.

LUOLNH Slim Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (Sunflower)

LUOLNH Slim Back CoverOn the other end of the spectrum we have the LUOLNH Slim Clear floral soft cover that has a nice sunflower design. This is far simpler than the Zizo. It claims to offer shock absorbing cushions and raised lips around the camera and around the screen, but this is all it offers in the way of protection.

It’s a soft rubber cover and holds true to its shock absorbing claims. The sunflowers are raised and seem to be a sticker, they look good and almost like they’ve been painted on. This cover did offer protection from dings when dropped. You can clearly see the color of the phone through the case, and it’s slim and lightweight.

We did find a few negatives though. There have been a few occasions where the case that arrived in no way fit the phone and just wasn’t suitable at all. This cover isn’t going to offer full protection on a construction site but it makes no claims to. It has a nice looking slim fitting rubber back.

The Ares Clear Case

Ares Clear CaseThe Ares claims that it is the ultimate combination of protection and style. It quickly follows this up by saying that you can be sure it will survive the occasional drop. This phone is not claiming to offer a level of protection that will withstand a disaster, but neither is it claiming to simply look pretty and absorb shocks. This is marketed somewhere in the middle of the two.

The Ares has a clear front and back cover and it definitely looks good. We found the buttons to work well and all of the ports have a protective dust cover. The case fits well and everything lines up. The front screen protector doesn’t interfere with use of the touch screen. We found it was still very responsive.

Again, this case does what it claims to do but it does overhang the screen ever so slightly, so it can make it difficult to pull down the top menu and use the corners on the touch screen. It is a little on the bulky side (not to the same extent as the UB or the Zizo but then again it doesn’t offer the same degree of protection). If you are looking for a seriously strong phone case, this may not be the best option. But if you want a case that is stylish while offering a decent level of protection, the Ares is good value for the money.

SWODERS Flower Clear Design Shock Absorbing TPU

SWODERS Flower Clear DesignThis stylish option by Swoders claims to offer heavy duty protection that keeps your phone safe from shocks. The polycarbonate back panel keeps your phone safe from the occasional ding.

What we liked about this case was that it was slim fitting and light weight. We like the design and found that the buttons and port spaces line up nicely. We also loved the super low price tag.

We were less impressed with the material though. Some of the cases may have evident bubbling that spoils the look of the case. We found the hard material to be uncomfortable when holding the phone. There was also no raised lip to protect the camera. Overall, for the price we felt we got what we paid for.

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S8 Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Genuine Leather Wallet Case

If you need both a new active case for your phone and a replacement wallet then the Snakehive Leather Wallet case may be exactly what you need. This is a clever multi-purpose active phone case that has card slots on the inside folds just as a wallet does.

What’s great about this wallet case is that it has a magnetic closing mechanism to keep your phone tightly secured within the case. It is also a lot more durable than it looks. It may have a soft outer fabric shell but inside lies the shock absorbent materials that will protect your phone from a fall or drop.

The only thing we found a little disheartening is that it only has three card slots meaning that it probably won’t be able to function as a total wallet replacement. It still offers the convenience of storing your credit or debit cards as well as your phone. Not to mention the aesthetics of this case are very nice and classy.

Mstechcorp Heavy Duty Protective Case

Mstechcorp Heavy Duty Protective CaseIf you want a case that looks like it can take a beating then Mstechcrop has got you covered. This rugged case is designated as “ultra protective” by the company and is certainly one of the most heavy duty and sturdy Galaxy S8 cases out there.

The only issue one might have with this case is that it is a tad too bulky. It still fits in most pockets just fine but there will be some people who will feel that their phone will lose its sleek and slender framing.

Nevertheless, the cutouts are widely made to allow for easy access to your buttons and the backside features both a belt clip and a kickstand giving it some extra functionality. The case is only available in one color, but this is an active phone case meant for pure protection, not so much visual appeal.

Ghostek Nautical Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Probably the most durable and tightest fitting active phone case on this list, the Ghostek case is made out of a very hard polycarbonate outer casing and a softer impact resistant interior. The case itself is also resistant to scratches meaning that both your phone and your case will be hard to damage if this ends up being your pick.

We liked this case because it is extremely resistant to both fall damage and water. As long as you have the Ghostek case equipped your phone can be submerged in water for up to an entire hour and still be perfectly fine. This is thanks to the interesting 2-piece design that snuggles your phone very tightly from both the front and the back.