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Torque Pro for Windows: Details and How to Download

You can take advantage of the many benefits of Torque Pro on your PC as well as your smart phone. Check out easy this guide to getting it set up in Windows.



Torque Pro for Pc

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Torque Pro acts as a system information relay for your car. Think of it as a diagnostics program for automobiles. It is used to analyze and relay data about your car concerning performance metrics and sensor data. It sounds complicated but it is in fact quite easy to use. It scans your car using Bluetooth enabled OBD2 adapters. The OBD2 engine is based off of actual car scanners that analyzes the condition of a vehicle and presents the information on an LED screen. The app simulates this technology in a more convenient and portable form.

A Convenient App for Accurate Monitoring

Torque Pro for PC also comes with GPS functionality so that you can even track your car in real time. This is only one of the many functions and features it comes with. With this app, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature of your transmission. The user interface is colored quite strategically so it is easy to tell if your car parts are getting too hot or too cold. The GPS function also tracks speed at specific times so that you can know how fast you were going at a certain point. It will also tell you your average speed over a certain trip.

The UI for this app is very versatile and intuitive. Torque Pro for PC really gives you a lot of options when it comes to customizing the dashboard theme or layout. Alarms can be set simply in the event of undesired incidents such as tire or engine problems.

Compatible with a Variety of Makes and Models

While it seems like a godsend piece of software for anyone who is worried about car troubles, Torque Pro for PC is compatible with a specific set of cars. Any vehicle that is compatible with OBD standard engines can be monitored with the application. This includes cars manufactured and released by several companies, including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mazda, Dodge, Lexus, Mercedes, Subaru, Nissan, and Chrysler, though this is not the entire list.

Torque Pro requires a Bluetooth adapter or dongle to work. A list of compatible OBD Bluetooth adapters can be found here. The Torque Pro app is not free and must be purchased from the Google App store. Ultimately, while Torque Pro for PC is an extremely useful app, it must be purchased legally and cannot be used without payment and official registration.

Torque Pro is mainly an application for mobile devices, and we recommend this version of the software. While it is completely possible to use it on a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone is the much more sensible choice due to portability reasons.

However, on the chance that you would also like to use Torque Pro for PC, here is how to download it.

How to Get it Working on Your PC

First you will need an Android emulator, because Torque Pro is an application designed specifically for Android devices. An Android emulator is a program for PC that essentially allows you to interface with and download Android programs and use them on the PC. We recommend Bluestacks as it is simple to download and install. Like many Android emulators, Bluestacks is totally free to download and use, and requires no service or package fees.

Once Bluestacks has finished installing on your PC, register an account by providing your email address. Once all this is done go to the search bar and type in “torque pro OBD2”. Remember: the emulator is free, but the app is not. Torque Pro for Android and Torque Pro for PC must be purchased.

After making a payment, install the app. It can then be accessed from your Bluestacks menu and used as long as the emulator is open and active. With all these steps done, you can enjoy Torque Pro for PC and all the maintenance and surveillance benefits it brings.

Torque Pro vs Torque Lite

In case you are still feeling skeptical about Torque Pro you should know that there is a free version of the app called Torque Lite. Torque Lite can be considered as a free trial of the Pro version. It can be downloaded entirely for free from the Google Play Store.

Torque Lite has many differences but is essentially a watered down version of the paid version. We would recommend trying out the free version first as it can be helpful in figuring out the answer of Torque Pro vs Lite.

Installing Torque Lite has its uses as it will help you find out if the app is compatible with your vehicle. The problem though is that this version is prone to more glitches. The Lite version has a bit of input lag while the Pro version does not. It also has an inferior UI that is a little harder to navigate which makes the question of Torque Pro vs Lite even clearer to answer.

The free version is compatible with various vehicles but the list isn’t as exhaustive as the Pro version. This comes back to the issue of Torque Pro vs Lite: you won’t know for certain if Pro will work on your vehicle just because the Lite version doesn’t. The only way to know for certain would be to buy Torque Pro.

One unfortunate thing among both versions of Torque Pro vs Lite is that the manual for these apps doesn’t seem available on the internet, assuming one exists. Luckily the Torque app is fairly easy to use especially for the Pro version. While a Torque Pro app manual would be nice it is fortunately not necessary.

While we still insist on trying the Lite version there’s no doubt that the Pro version is superior when it comes to Torque Pro vs Lite. It only costs $4.99 which is a great price for such a useful app.

Plugins for Torque Pro

One of the great things about Torque Pro is that it can be updated with plugins. Looking up Torque Pro plugins or Torque Pro APK can give you ways to enhance your app. Some of these are updates to the firmware which will improve the efficiency of the app. Others are minor enhancements that can allow you to share data to social media sites such as Twitter or additional ways to track and record different data.

It is highly recommended to seek out various Torque Pro plugins and Torque Pro APK files to further improve the effectiveness of this app. While the app itself is already very useful there is no reason to not take advantage of what Torque Pro plugins or APK files have to offer you.