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How to Manage and Personalize Your Watch History Like a Pro!

Hulu provides an easy way to view and manage your watch history, including removing titles from the list.



How to View and Manage Hulu Watch History

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Are you unable to view your watch history on Hulu? It is important to note that Hulu only keeps track of the last time an item was watched. Don’t worry—we’ll help you access and manage viewing histories for all of your devices connected with your account.

This blog will provide comprehensive steps showing exactly how to easily access and manage your watch history on Hulu. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive into it!

  • Hulu provides an easy way to view and manage your watch history, including removing titles from the list.
  • Users can access their Hulu watch history by navigating to “Keep Watching” in either the desktop version or mobile app.
  • For more detailed information, users can navigate to individual show titles pages that they’ve already viewed previously under the “About” section, which will display watching records along with other data such as genre, etc .
  • Troubleshooting issues like missing shows or movies from one’s Watch History due to any reason can be solved by rebooting the device , refreshing the browser window & clearing cache/cookies related to selected websites, then trying again later if needed!

How to View and Manage Your Hulu Watch History

For easy access to your Hulu watch history, simply open the app and navigate to “Home,” where you can scroll down and select “Keep Watching” for an overview of titles you’ve watched on Hulu.

How to Access Your Hulu Watch History

  1. Open your Hulu account either through the website or mobile app by inputting your login credentials.
  2. On the desktop version of Hulu, scroll down to the “Keep Watching” collection near the bottom of the screen or click on the “Keep Watching” tab at the top right-hand corner of your homepage.
  3. On a mobile device, go to the Home section and swipe up to scroll down until you see “Keep Watching” in order to access your watch history information
  4. There will be several options allowing you to view shows and movies by important categories such as recently watched, all watch history, continue watching list, etc
  5. Selecting “All Watch History” will display everything you have previously watched on Hulu, whether it was one night ago or two months ago, thus making it easy for users to find something they had been searching for before but couldn’t remember what show episode it belonged too
  6. To refine your search within “All Watch History,” you can also use particular dates, which narrow down results based on what you had seen during that time period

How to View Specific Episodes You’ve Watched on Hulu

  1. To view your watch history on Hulu, log onto your account from a desktop PC or laptop.
  2. Look for the “Continue watching” section or “Keep Watching” tab on the home page of Hulu and select it to see all the shows and episodes you have watched recently in one comprehensive list labeled “All viewing history.”
  3. You can also navigate to an individual show title’s page that you’ve already viewed previously, click on “About,” then scroll down to find its viewing records as well as other related information about it, like genre, whether it is exclusive or not, etc .
  4. The “Keep Watching” option is available on devices with the Hulu app installed, where you can find and manage content from several available profiles under each subscriber’s accounts that are linked together for seamless access across platforms.
  5. Lastly , users can remove specific titles from their watch history by browsing through their list of shows under the ‘Write History’ section and selecting the ‘Remove This Title’ option for them . Additionally , they also have the option to clear out the entire last five items they watched across all profiles attached to an account .

How to Remove a Specific Show or Movie from Your Hulu Watch History

To remove a specific show or movie from your Hulu watch history, first log in to the streaming platform on your preferred browser and scroll down until you see the “Keep Watching” section. Swipe right to move through the list of shows or movies you have watched recently.

When you find the title you want to remove, click on it or tap it if viewing on a smartphone or tablet. Look for the “Remove from Watch History” option and click/tap this option.

You will be presented with another confirmation prompt that asks if you are sure about deleting the selected title from Watch History; tap the yes or confirm button accordingly, which is usually available at the bottom part of the screen.

How to Delete Your Watch History Across All of Your Hulu Profiles

The good news is that Hulu allows you to manage and clear your watch history across all profiles. To delete the list of watched titles from one profile, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the account you wish to edit.
  2. Go to the “Home” page and scroll down until you see the “Keep Watching” section at the bottom of your screen. Find it by clicking on view more options near each show or movie title listed there for quick access .
  3. Click on the “Remove All Watch History” option located under this panel for a complete revolution from viewing those shows or movies again .
  4. A prompt will appear warning you about deleting watch history; click “OK” if that’s what you would like to do or remove selected titles in case only certain ones are unwanted instead .
  5. You should now be able to see no recent titles since they have been successfully removed from our current Hulu session .

Troubleshooting Hulu Watch History Issues

If you’re having any difficulty accessing or managing your Hulu watch history, this article has some helpful information to help resolve the issue!

Why Some Titles Can Suddenly Disappear from Your Watch History

One common issue when viewing Hulu watch history is that some titles can suddenly disappear. This could be due to numerous factors, such as technical issues or updates made to the Hulu platform.

In some cases, certain limitations related to the watch history feature may prevent it from accurately reflecting your recent activity. Additionally, clearing out cache and cookies stored in your browser might lead to missing titles in your watch history, as this will reset any tracking data linked with account profiles.

Also, if you use multiple devices on the same account for streaming content, then there’s a chance some of them won’t sync up properly, which could affect how complete your watch list looks across all those devices.

How to Fix Issues with Viewing Your Watch History

If you’re having trouble viewing your watch history on Hulu, there are several steps you can take to try and fix the issue. Here’s a step-by-step guide for troubleshooting film and TV show titles in your watch history:

  1. Restart Your Device: Sometimes, a device reboot can help resolve minor issues with watching Hulu. To do this, shut down the device completely before turning it back on again.
  2. Reopen Hulu App: After restarting your device, reopen the Hulu app (or open it if it’s been closed) to check if that resolves any issues with viewing or managing your watch history.
  3. Check Internet Connection Speed: If internet speeds have recently declined, even slightly, that can sometimes cause problems with streaming services like Hulu loading properly or responding quickly—both of which are important for proper display of items in one’s watch history list .
  4. Access Smooth Streaming through Xfinity: Another potential solution is to manage your subscription via Apps & Subscriptions Management menu within Xfinity’s platform and also access smooth streaming—a feature designed exclusively for Comcast customers that may improve playback conditions overall (which would then allow more seamless access to content).


Managing your Hulu watch history has never been easier. With just a few clicks, you can access and manage your Hulu watch history from the comfort of your home or on the go with ease.

Being able to track what shows and movies you’ve watched makes it easy to pick up where you left off or keep track of all the shows and movies in which you’ve invested plenty of time watching.

If there are glitches, Hulu provides troubleshooting tips ranging from being aware that titles might suddenly disappear from your watch history to fixing other issues associated with viewing or managing your watch list.

As long as you follow the steps delineated for accessing, viewing, clearing, managing, or deleting items within each respective profile on Hulu’s website, then using their service should be an effortless experience for everyone!