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Vizio M50-c1: The Good, the Great, and the Bad of Solid 4K Option

The Vizio M50-c1 is a high quality 4K smart TV. Take a closer look at its strengths andnweaknesses here.



VIZIO M50-C1 Review

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Vizio has made a name for themselves with their television sets over the years. They’re often considered one of the best name brands in the business, whether it be for standard 1080p sets, or the more recent 4K smart TVs. Vizio’s M50-c1 is one of their most popular models, and is one of the most recommended 4K TV sets out there when people ask for suggestions.


Here’s our breakdown of the pros and cons of this device:


  • 50 inch screen, will work wonderfully in large or medium sized rooms.
  • Ultra High Definition resolution (4K, 3840x2160p), best used with high end gaming systems or 4K Blu Ray players or streaming services that offer 4K programs.VIZIO M50-C1 / UHD
  • Wi-fi functionality, but also comes with an ethernet port for those with sub par wireless internet connections.
  • Weighs 33 pounds, light for a screen size this big. Comes with a plastic stand, but has a thin enough design to be wall mounted.
  • Comes with five HDMI ports, more than the average four. Plus two of the HDMI ports are located on the side for easy access.
  • Refresh rates include 30hz, 60hz and 120hz.
  • Uses Clear Action technology to simulate 360hz and reduce motion blur.
  • Streaming service functionality, can display Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, etc.
  • One digital audio input plug, useful for anyone with high-fidelity stereo systems or audio equipment to replace the built-in speakers.
  • A Six-core display processor, quad-core GPU and dual-core CPU.
  • Supports over one billion colors, taking advantage of modern gaming
  • Full Array LED lighting technology, provides excellent contrast between the absolute brightest and darkest scenes for maximum realism.
  • Viewing angles are also optimal, making colors retain their accuracy and vibrancy regardless of sitting or standing position
  • Includes the “Game Low Latency” setting to reduce input lag for gaming.
  • Very power efficient, uses only 150w of energy.


  • Audio from the built in speakers is average, not great.
  • Does not come with the most comprehensive color calibration system, though this may not bother people who are already satisfied with out of the box Full Array LED.
  • Only one HDMI port is 2.0, allowing for 60hz and above.
  • No HDR support.
  • No 3D technology functionality.
  • Lowest input lag is around 20ms, which is not bad, but not ideal for gaming, 10ms or less is best.
  • Only one USB port.
  • The Vizio M series sets are not capable of displaying Youtube videos in 4K due to a hardware limitation, 1080p max only.


Vizio’s M50-c1 displays 4K at 50 inches, and has Smart TV and wi-fi features. Full Array LED lighting is a commonly desired trait these days, though the lack of HDR (High Dynamic Range) will put off those who want that extra color accuracy or contrast ratio. The lack of 3D functionality would normally be a con, but with 3D failing to take off in the way that 4K currently is, we can’t imagine many people feeling like they’re missing out on that.

Arguably one of this TV’s most limiting downsides is the lack of 4K support for Youtube, which would be a big problem for many potential buyers. As of right now, Youtube is still the most comprehensive spot to locate 4K videos. The library of UHD programs offered by more conventional streaming services like Netflix is growing, but very gradually. Unless someone is a diehard fan of Stranger Things, Better Call Saul and Jessica Jones, Youtube is still going to be the most reliable place to discover 4K content. Anyone hoping to watch thousands of hours of 4K from Youtube will have to steer clear from the Vizio M50-c1.

As for gaming, this monitor is a good fit with a Playstation or an Xbox, most particularly the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, as they offer 4K support. While the input lag isn’t comparable with many PC monitors, it is much better than typical 4K TV sets, which are usually at around 30ms instead of the 20ms this device offers.

The ethernet port is another option one does not see very often on modern day TVs, but since streaming content in 4K can be a taxing task for many wireless connections, anyone who consistently watches Netflix in 4K for example could benefit from using a wired connection. Of course, one would have to have their router in their living room, or a very long ethernet cable.

But in the end, the main reason people buy a 4K TV is to upgrade from a non-4K TV, to obtain vastly superior picture quality. And while the M50-c1 does not have all the functionality as a more expensive model, it will absolutely please anyone who is still currently used to a 1080p set. Vizio did not skimp on the picture quality, and the colors and reduced motion blur combine together to create a silky smooth, rich looking experience.

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The question in the end becomes, do you want to buy this set and be satisfied with its picture quality, or do you want to spend at least double the cash for virtually the same TV, but with HDR, 4K Youtube videos and maybe some other extra perks? The Vizio M50-c1 is popular because of its value in offering the basics of a 4K Smart TV for a very low price. As long as you're fine with the lack of features discussed here, then it will be hard to find a more reliable and quality TV set than the M50-c1.
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