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VPNSecure: Is it the Most Secure VPN on the Internet?

VPN-S is among the most popular choices, but is it worth using consistently? Find out in our comprehensive overview. 




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Sometimes referred to as VPN-S, VPNSecure has been around since 2010. Whether you are aware of it or not, this VPN has managed to garner quite the reputation over these past few years thanks to its list of useful features and solid payment plans. We think VPNSecure is good, but it isn’t perfect. Keep on reading to get our detailed take on this well-established virtual private network.

Usability and Interface

One of our favorite things about VPNSecure is the great user interface. It is very well designed, well organized and is friendly to both beginners and more advanced users. You don’t need a lot of experience with using VPNs to quickly get the hang of their menus and options. We will go as far to say that you really don’t need any.

Because of the minimalist approach they went with, for both looks and functionality, it is very simple to select your server and be on your way. Some skeptics may be concerned about the fact that you have to log in with a username and e-mail address, but we’ll discuss that in more detail below. All we’ll say now is that you don’t need to worry too much about it. VPNSecure’s minimalist philosophy partially extends into their security protocols as well.

In the end, it certainly isn’t the most visually appealing UI but it’s hard to imagine aesthetics being a major selling point for apps like this anyway. We give VPNSecure’s menus and UI two thumbs up regardless.

Security, Privacy and Anonymity

Just how well does VPNSecure keep you secure?

If it’s in the name then it is only logical to assume that it’s what they do best, right? Luckily this company is not just all talk. VPNSecure boasts a large handle of options and supplementary tools that all work together to keep you and your online actions safe.

Their logging policy is quite simple and to the point. For login purposes your email address and username are stored but all other information is not logged by VPNSecure. Whatever you browse or download or upload is kept totally private and is never recorded.

One thing they allow you to do is to set what kind of encryption option you want enabled. There are three main choices: DES-CBC, AES-128 and AES-256. We recommend you ignore DES and merely stick with one of the AES options as AES is the standard security encryption protocol. The only benefit DES has is that it is often considered the faster protocol.

So do you choose 128 or 256 then? The short answer is that AES-256 is generally going to be the safer bet. There are some extra details to parse through. In essence, AES-128 is a little less secure but a little faster. If you’re performing activities that are a little more sensitive, then you should opt for AES-256. But if you’re not too concerned about your privacy or anonymity at the moment and want a little boost to your upload or download speed, then feel free to switch to AES-128.

We definitely appreciate that VPNSecure gives you the ability to switch encryption protocols on the fly like this. It gives it a sense of control and versatility that many other virtual private networks tend to lack. It’s one of many beneficial features that are bundled together with this app.

Tools and Features

Many claim that the best aspect of VPNSecure is its amount of features designed to enhance your experience.

First up is the kill switch feature, something that many people consider a must have in their VPNs. If you don’t know what it is, a kill switch is essentially an option that automatically and instantly shuts down your internet activity in the off chance your VPN loses connection or stability. This is basically a last ditch emergency option to protect you. If you were downloading data your ISP would not be happy with at the same time your VPN lost connection, you could get in trouble. The kill switch feature is there to protect you in case this happens.

Next is server switching. VPNSecure allows you to switch from one server to the next, which is a great additional feature considering that they are set up in more than 40 different countries. If one source is not providing you with the data speeds you desire then you can easily try with different servers to find the most optimized location for your specific needs.

VPNSecure also gives you many options when it comes to additional protocols. While they recommend going for OpenVPN by default, they also allow you to pick from HTTP, PPTP and SSH tunnels and proxies. If you don’t know any of this stuff then it’s best to stick with the default option. But we have to hand it to companies that know how to cater to both the amateurs and the veterans.


There isn’t too much to say about what VPNSecure does wrong, frankly. There are reports of their internet speeds being subpar but this all really depends on a variety of factors: the servers you use, your own personal data cap and bandwidth, etc. For us, the speeds were actually quite good but your mileage may vary.

By far the worst thing about this VPN is the lack of Netflix functionality. Netflix has seriously been cracking down on systems that bypass their region locking protocols and unfortunately VPNSecure doesn’t get past it either. We can’t be too harsh on them for this because anyone can assume that with their money Netflix can hire some of the best security in the world. But it is still a shame for anyone looking to expand their catalog of streaming content.

Payment Plans and Options

The cost of this VPN is a little bit above average but we still think it is well worth it. The payment plans come in the standard 1 month, 6 month and 12 month varieties, costing $9.95, $8.32 and $6.66 respectively. You should probably avoid paying for the expensive single month payment plan as the annual plan is by far the better value.

Concluding Thoughts

VPNSecure has been around for eight years now and is probably here to stay. A couple of small lacking features, such as no Netflix, will not be enough to overshadow the great UI, customizable security options and loads of features that are beginner friendly and compatible with a more professional approach. Include the fact that the pricing is fair and you have yourself a virtual private network that is sure to provide satisfaction to those who seek it.