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What Is Com Samsung Android Incallui

Android IncallUI is a system UI used during phone calls on Android devices.



What is

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Are your Android phone calls not quite going as planned? Com Samsung Android InCallUI is an essential system UI responsible for how you make and receive calls on your device. This package helps display a call screen UI when making or receiving calls, manages logs and call options, and allows users to close their incoming or outgoing call directly from the screen itself.

Through this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what exactly Incallui is, its usability functions, the risks associated with using it, and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong! So let’s get started – understanding Com Samsung Android Incallui starts right here!

  • Com Samsung Android InCallUI is an interface used on a Samsung phone when making and receiving calls.
  • Its main function is to manage call logs, call experience, user interface elements related to incoming and outgoing calls, as well as open call logs etc.
  • It’s recommended that users keep their device up-to-date with all available updates in order to optimize the security of this application.
  • To troubleshoot errors with the Incallui app, a simple restart or force stop of the app can often resolve most issues without needing professional help.

What is Com Samsung Android InCallUI?

Com Samsung Android InCallUI is an interface used on a Samsung phone when making and receiving calls. The package name is responsible for managing call logs, call experience, user interface elements related to incoming and outgoing calls, accessing the caller identification information from other devices, opening call logs, completing or canceling the current/lapsed calls, etc. It acts as an integral part of your device’s dialer app functioning with features like active listening during incoming voice messages or displaying different menu sets in situations like off-hook calls via landline connections.

Furthermore, it also helps to manage multiple processes at once by running them simultaneously in the background without interrupting previously initialized tasks due to its ability to prioritize processes based on the input data stored while using several embedded options such as hiding sounds and images libraries or limiting commonly used executions under specific conditions that require networking capabilities of cellular modules within handheld devices.

Uses and Functions of Com Samsung Android InCallUI

Com Samsung Android InCallUI is a built-in application for Samsung devices that facilitates call functionality. It provides users with an interactive interface where they can access functions such as caller identification, hang up, and more.

Through visual screens and menus, it helps users manage their incoming or outgoing calls easily without having to manipulate their phones directly. Moreover, the package contains many core functionalities related to phone calls, including contact information storage and account settings changes during a call.

As an essential component of their device software, Incallui allows Samsung phones to remain as feature-rich products when making voice communication over the network possible for its users at all times in a safe manner without any interruptions from other third-party applications or services interfering with its performance characteristics .

Is Com Samsung Android InCallUI Safe to Have?

The safety of Com Samsung Android InCallUI is not mentioned in the provided information. That being said, users should take various precautions when using this application to ensure their security and privacy.

It is important to remember that Incallui is an Android app used by Samsung phones for visual caller identification and incoming call management. Some personal data may be stored on your phone while using this app, including contact names, numbers, and other related data, which could potentially be accessed by malicious actors if adequate security measures are not taken.

Additionally, it’s recommended that you keep your device up-to-date with all available updates, as this can help close any vulnerabilities within the app itself. Also, pay attention to user reviews of the Incallui package before installing it onto a device, keeping an eye out for any mentions of potential problems or weak spots associated with it requiring further investigation or patches from developers.

Ultimately though, security must lie firmly in personal practice – use caution whenever downloading apps like these and researching its source first prior to installation can be very helpful in avoiding unwanted issues later down the road.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Com Samsung Android InCallUI Errors

When troubleshooting errors with the InCallUI app, there are several steps to take to resolve them. Restarting the smartphone is among the most effective and fundamental troubleshooting steps that can be taken.

This will close all applications running in the background, clear any bad apps or services, and reset some of the device settings which may have been desynchronized or changed by a third-party app.

Additionally, force-stopping the InCallUI app can help fix any ongoing issues related to it. Clearing its cache also helps improve performance as clearing it will delete any corrupted data from previous phone calls stored in memory as local files or caches.

Updating phone software should also be considered if restarting does not resolve issues with Com Samsung Android InCallUI because outdated system applications may cause conflicts resulting in errors and malfunctions on different tasks, including making phone calls through the Incallui user interface.

It is important to take these basic steps before reaching out for professional help to resolve such type of issues because most of them could be solved this way without needing assistance from external sources like official technical support.


Com Samsung Android InCallUI is a system UI used during phone calls on Android devices, and when enabled, it helps facilitate a user’s call experience. This package contains the default In-Call UI for Samsung Galaxy devices which provides core functionalities during calls, such as receiving calls, showing a visual display of the identity of incoming callers, making outgoing calls, and managing call logs.

It is designed to be an interactive display that includes all essential features related to phone calling in modernized versions of Android software like Samsung Experience. Such advanced functions enable users to have smooth conversations through their devices.

With its help, users are able to receive important calls quickly with full clarity without having to worry about any potential technical problems due to bad connection or Caller ID malfunctions.