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All Crimson Agate Locations in Genshin Impact

Find out the location of each crimson agate in Genshin Impact by checking out our map.



All Crimson Agate Locations in Genshin Impact

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There is a total of 120 crimson stones here. Finding all of them can be challenging but they reap unique rewards. Here’s how you can obtain every crimson agate in Genshin Impact.

The First 80 Crimson Agates Out in The Wild

Most of Genshin Impact’s crimson agates can be discovered out in the open plains of Dragonspine. Use this photo as a reference point so you can find them all in your own game, including ones that are inside treasure chests.

Where to Find Every Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact

The Final 40 Crimson Agates

The last 40 crimson agates will require a bit more work to obtain. They are not discoverable in the open world but instead must be obtained via the Crystal Wish System. If you don’t already have it, you can unlock it by raising the Frostbearing Tree to Level 8.

Crimson Wishes are applied similar to the daily commissions but with a couple differences. They aren’t daily, as they occur only on every Monday and every Friday. Secondly, each occurrence hands out five crimson agates. That means you will have to go through four weeks’ worth of Crimson Wishes to nab these final 40 agates.

The Benefits of Collecting All Crimson Agates

For every 10 crimson agates you obtain, you can raise the level of the Frostbearing Tree by one. The first 80 crimson agates you obtain will be used to bring it to level 8 in order to obtain Crimson Wishes, but there are other rewards as well.

You can get a good assortment of Acquaint Fates, Intertwined Fates, Mora and Mystic Enhancement Ore from the Frostbearing Tree.

The final four levels of the Frosbearing Tree are especially good because you will be rewarded with some very rare, high level items. Things like the Frostbearer Diagram, the Crown of Insight and the Wings of Concealing Snow are all obtainable in the final tiers of the Frostbearing Tree, making the journey to collect all 120 crimson agates well worth it.

Thank you for reading and we hope this motivates you to go out and seek every single crimson agate in Genshin Impact!