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Learn How to Use WiseView Android app on Your PC

If you want to get WiseView remote security camera management software on your PC, not just Android, here’s how.



Wiseview For PC Download

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If you thought that you had the best security precautions out there then you may have to think again if you don’t have WiseView for PC. Having remote control of security camera footage in high resolution marks the future of professional-level home safety. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this app then here we’ll teach you how to get it.

What Does WiseView Do?

In essence, WiseView is an Android app that gives you control over CCTV cameras. This stands for Closed Circuit Television. These cameras are the most popular means by which surveillance footage is captured and relayed to other stations or devices.

With WiseView, you can be synced up to all of the surveillance cameras you own. This could be anything from cameras you have installed on your own private property to cameras set up to protect your business, or all at the same time.

WiseView gives you total control including the ability to zoom in or out and rotate the angles in real time. Footage can even be relayed back to your device in high definition. You also have the option to customize the resolution as you see fit.

While this all sounds like a fantastic tool for business and homeowners to use, there is one problem – WiseView is typically only available on smartphone devices such as Android phones. If you want to use WiseView for PC then you will need to follow our instructions below to unlock these great features on a laptop or desktop.

How You Can Get WiseView for PC Right Now

In order to get WiseView for PC functioning, you will need something called an Android emulator. These types of software basically give your computer the power to run Android apps within a program that copies the functionality of Android devices.

While there are several Android emulators available for free download right now, we recommend that you consider going with Bluestacks. The Bluestacks emulator was updated not too long ago and has one of the best interfaces and search functions out of all of them. It is also very easy to download and install. You can download Bluestacks from their official website right here.

Once the Bluestacks download is complete, you can feel free to double click on the executable file to initiate the installation process. It will be complete within moments.

Wiseview For PC Download - Step 1

Once that is done you can open up Bluestacks and type “wiseview” into the search bar. This search function is very similar to how the Google Play Store works. Once you find the WiseView app, you can install it and use it at any time as long as Bluestacks is activated

Wiseview For PC Download - Step 2

Wiseview For PC Download - Step 3

Wiseview For PC Download - Step 4

Wiseview For PC Download - Step 5

Concluding Words

Now that you have WiseView for PC you can take advantage of all these cutting edge security options from either your portable laptop or your desktop computer at home. WiseView for PC offers a lot of potential for monitoring your business or your own property much more efficiently.

Thank you for reading and we hope this article has served you half as much as WiseView for PC will with your security endeavors.