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Want to get your tech-related articles published? Ready to make a name for yourself as a tech writer? We accept contributors regularly, so if you’re looking for an outlet, just follow our guidelines.

Topics We’re Interested in:

  • Smartphone, gadget, and tech reviews
  • Comparisons of two or more similar products or apps
  • How to’s and tips for tech topics
  • Gadget accessory reviews
  • Tech product related subjects

Have a look at the content we already have on our website for ideas on how to approach your review, comparison, or tips article. If you would like to write about any of the topics above, or already have and are looking for somewhere to get it published (as long as it has not already been published somewhere else), fill out our submission form.

Feel free to pitch ideas for topics not listed above as long as it’s somewhat relevant and would be a good fit for our site. If your topic is chosen, we will let you know. Minor changes may or may not be made to improve your article. You will need to provide a short bio and a photo of yourself. If you don’t hear back from us after two weeks, feel free to try again later with a different topic. Include several writing samples along with your topic idea.

Submission Guidelines

  • 100% original content only!
  • 3000 word minimum – honest and insightful article content
  • One self-serving link may be placed in your author bio. Links in your article must lead to authoritative sites only — five link limit, all must be relevant.
  • Use subheadings, bullet points for pros and cons section.
  • If we publish your article, it must never be published elsewhere, period.
  • Html file or Word doc for file submission
  • Indicate image sources with url
  • Use the submission form for any topic idea

You can increase your chances of getting published by:

  • Following us on Twitter and Facebook
  • Sharing our articles with your followers
  • Follow all guidelines very carefully when submitting

Excellent English with native level grammar is necessary to apply. Experience writing about gadgets such as smartphones or other tech products is not totally required, but it is a plus. All information contained in your article must be accurate. Research is essential. Product reviews should be about relevant or new releases. Try to make your article engaging and entertaining to read.

Feel free to pitch your ideas to us and see what we say. We’re always excited to hear from up and coming tech writers like yourself. Contact us if you have any specific questions. Otherwise, fill out our submission form now!

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