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Download XMEye Free for PC / Windows/ Mac

Download XMEye here free and get it running on your computer in a matter of minutes.



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If you’re in the market for useful video monitoring software then XMEye should be your top choice. It’s a free tool that does a great job with IPC and DVR functions and is even compatible with cloud technology, so uploaded backups are made more convenient.

Officially, this app is only available on smartphone devices – Android and iOS platforms. Luckily, there is a way to get it installed on your desktop or laptop, regardless of whether it uses Windows or Mac. This will require some extra steps as you will need to download an Android emulator.

To use XMEye on your Windows or Mac, first download the Bluestacks emulator from this link. Bluestacks is one of the most stable and easy to use app emulators on the internet. The installation process is very easy to follow as well. Just follow the directions after launching the .exe file and soon enough Bluestacks will be on your PC or Mac. Just make sure that you download the right version of Bluestacks as there is one for Windows and one for Mac. Other than this, the instructions are identical.

How to Install XMEye for PC - Step 1

Once you launch Bluestacks and log in via your Google Account ID you will need to head over to the App Center. You can find it by typing it into Bluestacks’ search bar. Type in “xmeye” and you will see the app available for installation. Simply click on Install much like how you would on an actual smartphone.

How to Install XMEye for PC - Step 2How to Install XMEye for PC - Step 3

Wait for the download and installation to complete which should not take more than a few seconds. When it is completed you will acquire an XMEye shortcut. Launch this to gain access to XMEye. You’ll be able to use it as long as you access it from your Bluestacks emulator.

How to Install XMEye for PC - Step 4

Video monitoring software always works best on computers rather than smartphones, which is why we stress you go through the process of acquiring the emulated version. Smartphones have the convenience of portability but computers have much larger file space and faster processing times. These are vital benefits when dealing with virtually any kind of software that involves video editing, video monitoring, etc. Enjoy the extra benefits of a great app on more powerful hardware.